2025 Strategy

In October 2019, RSL Queensland’s Board of Directors endorsed a 2025 Strategy which will enable us to deliver strongly on our purpose and vision. Our purpose is: A bright future and enduring legacy for all veterans and their families. Our vision is: Be the most valued and trusted partner to enrich the Australian Defence family’s Quality of Life.

Our strategic goals are:

RSL strategic goals infographic

These goals will ensure we pursue our purpose and vision with drive and determination, and will be achieved by delivering on three strategic pillars underpinned by three strategic enablers.

Enablers and Pillars infographic

In short, we will focus on: 

  • Delivering outcomes that positively impact quality of life for veterans and their families 
  • Transforming RSL Queensland’s membership, significantly improving the way we support and work with our Sub Branches 
  • Establishing RSL Queensland as the leading voice in our sector.  



We welcome your feedback on our strategy, and ask that you submit this below.

2025 Strategy Feedback