BECOME an auxiliary MEMBER 

Even if you haven’t served, you can still make a difference and volunteer to help the veteran community through RSL Queensland's Auxiliary groups. 

The word 'auxiliary' means extra power or resource – and there's no doubt our RSL Women's and Citizens' Auxiliaries are forces to be reckoned with!  

Our Auxiliaries are groups of volunteers who work closely with their local RSL Sub Branches, raising funds and providing extra resources. 

  • Women's Auxiliaries have existed since World War I, when the female relatives of returned service men raised much needed funds to buy land, buildings and furnishings to establish RSL Sub Branches.  

    Any female relative of a current or ex-serving Defence member is welcome to join an RSL Women's Auxiliary.  

    Current or ex-serving female Defence members can also join, and an Auxiliary can also choose, by resolution, to admit any female member of the community. 
  • RSL Citizens’ Auxiliaries are open to any non-Defence member of the community (including children aged 12 or older) who’d like to volunteer with their local RSL Sub Branch.  

There are two ways to become an RSL Auxiliary member: 


To start your online application, please select the RSL Sub Branch you would like to join:


Select sub branch


Residential Address
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There are several categories of membership. If you have served or are currently serving in the ADF then you are eligible to apply as a service member. 

If you have not served, you may apply to join a Citizen’s Auxiliary or as a non-League social member.



Service Membership
Women's Auxiliary
Citizen's Auxiliary
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If you are applying for a non-serving membership, please submit your application now. If you are applying as a service member, please continue to the service history section before submitting your application.

Applications for service membership must be accompanied by verification of your service history. You can fill out your service records digitally below and you must also take physical copies to your nominated Sub Branch for sighting. 

Branch of Service
Theatres of Service
Make sure you get your Service History Documentation sighted

Remember, you will need to show your documents at your nominated Sub Branch.

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In person or via email
Simply download and complete the membership application form, then submit it to your nominated Sub Branch (either in person or by email). 

Download Membership Form [1MB]


Goodna Women's Auxiliary

In January 2023, the Goodna Women’s Auxiliary received an Australia Day Medallion for their volunteer services to the community.  
Watch the video to hear about the group’s contributions as they share their thoughts on volunteering within the Defence family.  


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