Strategic Plan 2023

Strategic Plan 2023

RSL Queensland’s Strategic Plan 2023 has been developed by the Board of Directors and Executive Management Team, to guide and direct our focus and activities over the coming years. As a substantial charitable organisation, this direction will enable us to continue to provide appropriate support to the Defence Family.

There are six pillars that underpin The Strategic Plan 2023, each with a strategic focus and defined deliverables to guide our activities. The following should be read in conjunction with the full Strategic Plan 2023, which you can view here.


Proper governance practices are critical to the delivery of the highest level of compliance and risk management across the organisation. While Sub Branches may be guided under a common template Constitution and Charter, practices within individual Sub Branches on a day-to-day basis remain largely in the hands of the Sub Branch committees and volunteers.

Given this, the following fundamental requirements of the League remain a challenge:
  • Proper governance practices,
  • Compliance, and
  • Maintenance of charitable status.
RSL Queensland must take a leadership position in improving these elements for all Sub Branches in Queensland by creating a framework for Sub Branch compliance. We are committed to building upon and continuing to improve the understanding, systems, processes and standards to deliver the highest practical level of compliance and risk management.

Examples of this ongoing work to date include the creation of tools such as the Good Governance Guide, and the restructure of the Sub Branch Finance and Governance Program Team, which works to ensure we have the resources and capability to support Districts and Sub Branches in relation to their charitable status, governance and financial viability.


The Organisational Structure of RSL Queensland is outdated and has not remained current with the changing needs or best practices of charitable organisations. While there are some benefits to the current structure, these are outweighed by the inherent weaknesses, including blurring of Directors’ roles and the requirement for specific skills among Directors.

The current Constitution and the structure of the Board of Directors has been under review for some time. The proposed structure has been designed to ensure the proposed governance bodies – a skills-based Board and a State Council – act in good faith and in the best interests of RSL Queensland. As part of The Strategic Plan 2023, the organisational structure review will continue to support the strategic mission and vision for the organisation.


RSL Queensland needs to adapt with the changing demographics and needs of serving personnel, veterans, and their families. As we will assist a veteran or service person regardless of their membership status, we need to consider the relevance and suitability of our membership structure.

Ensuring we have the most appropriate membership structure will enable us to remain a highly relevant charity, delivering services to a client base comprised of members and non-members with diverse needs.

Service delivery will grow in areas of significant need but remain focused on the veteran and Defence Family. The Defence Family Research Project is the first step in growing our service delivery, with the results of the extensive research underpinning the work currently underway to target and tailor our efforts to more effectively meet needs.


A focus on a sustainable enterprise model, operations, finance and assets will enable RSL Queensland to further our charitable operations. Our position as a leader in the charitable Art Union Lottery sector has provided a very strong balance sheet to support our work with Defence Families.

However, we rely on the Lottery operations for 97% of our funding, which presents an unacceptable commercial risk. We need to establish a framework for future success, diversify income streams and maximise returns from assets.

Work is underway to diversify our income streams, however there is still potential for growth in the Art Union. The Lotteries Transformation Program, an ongoing project, will revolutionise the RSL Art Union organisation model and better place us to maximise growth.


The RSL ‘brand’ has been in existence for many decades and carries with it a range of meanings and relevancies for different Australians. The awareness and standing of the brand in the community is a great strength of our organisation, however it is also confused.

There is a lack of clear and concise messaging, and the brand and Badge’s reputation is at risk of being damaged by any organisation that carries it.

A significant project is underway to refresh the RSL Queensland brand. The outcome will strategically define our brand purpose and visual identity, what we stand for in the mind of the public, and how we can continue to represent veterans and their families for the next 100 years.


In order to meet the varying needs of the Defence Family, we acknowledge that we can’t be everything to everyone. There are a number of well-established, highly-regarded and proficient organisations that can meet needs and provide program delivery in many areas that we cannot.

We believe in working collaboratively with these organisations, ex-service and otherwise, for the betterment of the Defence Family. We will continue to develop strong relationships and partnerships with those organisations with similar missions and visions.

A number of the organisations that we have existing partnerships with, such as Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation, Trojan’s Trek and RSL RAEMUS Rover have achieved some great results for our Defence Family, either directly or through important research.