Volunteers in RSL Queensland

Volunteers in RSL Queensland

13 August, 2018

RSL Queensland is – in my opinion – one of the best organisations in the country. With a membership base of around 35,000 people, who all signed on the dotted line to serve their country, we are one of the strongest service organisations in Australia.

The hundreds of members who suit up daily and volunteer their time to assist those in need should make you all proud. It represents why this organisation was formed over 100 years ago and should continue to provide welfare, advocacy and assistance in many areas for years to come.

To mention one volunteer would be a mistake, as there are hundreds who should be thanked and recognised for what they do. Every week I sign numerous certificates for service, and many of those include certificates for 50 years of membership.

Unfortunately, our volunteers are ageing and tiring, and we may come to a point where there are no volunteers left to carry on the work of the League. This is why paid employees will need to fill this void in the future.

The reason for this post is to say thank you for what you do. Hundreds of hours are expended weekly by hundreds of volunteers meeting the Objects of the League. From the Sub Branch to the State boardroom, there are volunteers engaged in many areas of the organisation who all deserve thanks.

Thank you all.