Vietnam Veterans' day 2023

Vietnam Veterans’ Day (18 August) recognises the invaluable contribution of Australians who served in the Vietnam War.

Australia’s involvement in the war formally ended in 1973, making this – the 50th anniversary – a particularly important year to commemorate. More than 60,000 Australians served in Vietnam from 1962 to 1973, with some returning for humanitarian operations in 1975.

Sadly, 523 died, some 3,000 were wounded or fell ill, and – amidst strong anti-war sentiment – many who returned home were treated unfairly by some members of the community.

Vietnam Veterans’ Day is a chance for us all to pay the respects that Vietnam vets were often denied, but always deserved.

Lest we forget.


Point and Shoot photgraph

Vietnam through the photo lens of a veteran

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Kel Ryan's photos from the Vietnam War

From conscription to commemoration for kel ryan

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Vietnam Veterans' Day

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Vietnam Veterans' Day

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Vietnam Veterans Gallery

Explore the gallery of Vietnam veterans and read the stories behind the photos. Proudly supplied by the State Library of Queensland.