Timor Awakening event, elder giving scarf to RSL Veteran

Timor Awakening 13

Touring a previously war-torn country and seeing the progress of its people can bring inner peace for veterans. That is the premise behind Timor Awakening, a renewal and rehabilitation program.

Be embraced by whole communities, share stories with Timorese veterans, and see first-hand the positive impact of Australia’s involvement in the young country’s freedom in the 11-day tour.
“Timor is a peaceful country, with veterans and civilians that have suffered unimaginable atrocities, hardship, trauma and oppression; but they have healed and are moving forward. We want our veterans to experience the same healing and rehabilitation, to move forward and be part of the next chapters.” – Michael Stone, Timor Awakening Program Director.

Further Details

To apply, visit the link for more information:



  • Rowena Langan, Participant Liaison

Email: support@veteranscare.com.au


  • Colin Ahern, Secretary VCA and Family Liaison during program

Email: secretary@veteranscare.com.au, 0401 324 469



Sunday 21st of June to Wednesday 1st of July 2020

The Details
Sunday 21 June -
Wednesday 01 July
Name: Rowena Langan, Participant Liaison | Colin Ahern, Secretary VCA and Family Liaison (during program)
Email: support@veteranscare.com.au

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