Registration types & Inclusions


Sub Branch Delegate

A Sub Branch Member with full voting rights. If the delegate is an Associate Member of the Sub Branch, they should complete the Associate Member declaration and provide this to State Branch when registering.



A member who, in the absence of the delegate, speaks and votes on their behalf.


Verification of Delegates

The RSL Queensland Constitution requires, at clause 7, for Sub Branches and Districts to appoint a Delegate for the meeting. The Delegate must be Service of Life Member. A document appointing the Delegate must be in writing, in a form permitted by the RSL Queensland Board and signed by the Sub Branch/District. Sub Branches and Districts are advised that a new process for verifying Delegates will now apply. A standard form to verify the appointment of a Delegate will be required from each Sub Branch and District. The standard form can be found in the Important Documents section of the State Congress webpage. The signed form must be sent no later than 5:00pm on 20 June 2022 to



A partner/carer of a Member. Partner/carers may not attend AGM business or meeting lunches. If assistance during these times is required please submit a request via your District Secretary for Board review. 



Board Executives and Board Members who are also District Presidents act as their respective District’s delegate.


Inclusions by registration type

Sub Branch Delegate

Delegate Accommodation Complimentary for business-critical attendance (extensions approved on request)
Delegate Flights/Fuel Reimbursement Included / Fuel imbursed in line with ATO advice
Delegate Registration Fee Complimentary
Delegate Opening Ceremony & Welcome Networking Lunch Complimentary
Delegate Saturday AGM Complimentary
Delegate Gala Dinner Complimentary
Delegate Sunday Business Session Complimentary
Delegate Partner Accommodation & Travel Complimentary
Delegate Partner Opening Ceremony & Welcome Networking Lunch Complimentary
Delegate Partner AGM & Sunday Business Sessions N/A - meetings closed to partners
Delegate Partner Gala Dinner Complimentary
Delegate Partner Registration Fee Complimentary


Travel & accommodation

  • Delegate's fuel will be reimbursed in line with ATO advice (this amount will be predetermined using the official Sub Branch address; travel from personal addresses will not be reimbursed).
  • Delegate Partner/Carer to attend under the above outlined inclusions. Any additional requests are subject to board approval.
  • Accommodation will be provided to Sub Branch delegates for the nights of Friday 24th and Saturday 25th June where required. For delegates that live within close proximity and would prefer to return home on these respective evenings, cab charges will be provided to subsidise travel. Additional accommodation requests are subject to approval via registration with your District Secretary. 
  • For delegates who are driving, parking for one vehicle will be provided at the Royal International Convention Centre for Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June until midday. 


Items not covered by rsl queensland

  • Incidentals at accommodation


Please note

  • Once delegates complete their online registration, ETM travel will make bookings within two weeks. Accommodation details will be sent to the email address provided two weeks prior to the AGM. Delegates will not be able to change booking details once the request has been submitted.
  • As is standard practice, you must have a credit card to check in. This card will have a security deposit placed on it; this deposit will be refunded on check out as long as there is no damage to the room and there are no outstanding charges (i.e. mini bar) which are not covered by RSL Queensland. 


Sub branch replacement delegate

Replacement Delegate Accommodation Not included
Replacement Delegate Flights/Fuel Reimbursement Not included
Replacement Delegate Registration Fee $20.00
Replacement Delegate Opening Ceremony & Welcome Networking Lunch Complimentary
Replacement Delegate Saturday AGM $40.00
Replacement Delegate Gala Dinner $140.00
Replacement Delegate Sunday Business Session $29.00
Replacement Delegate Partner Accommodation & Travel Not included
Replacement Delegate Partner Opening Ceremony & Welcome Networking Lunch Complimentary
Replacement Delegate Partner AGM & Sunday business sessions N/A - meetings closed to partners
Replacement Delegate Partner Gala Dinner $140.00
Replacement Delegate Partner Registration Fee $20.00


Travel & Accommodation

  • Sub Branch Replacement Delegates are responsible for organising their own travel and accommodation
  • Parking in the precinct is available at standard BCC charges.


Please note

  • Sub Branch Replacement Delegates will receive an invoice for charges outlined above prior to arrival at State Congress. Once these charges have been paid confirmation of attendance will be issued two weeks prior to the event.

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