RSL Queensland partners with Survive To Thrive Nation and Swiss8

15 December 2022
  • Media release

The partnerships will propel proactive wellbeing programs to unleash new waves of possibility for ex-serving ADF personnel.

Survive To Thrive Nation Dane Christison RSL Queensland Troy Watson

Survive to Thrive Nation Founder and CEO Dane Christison and RSL Queensland Deputy CEO Veteran Services Troy Watson 

In line with the growing demand for proactive wellbeing programs within the veteran community, RSL Queensland has today announced two new partnerships with ex-serving organisations (ESOs) Survive To Thrive Nation (STTN) and Swiss8

Complementing RSL Queensland’s robust portfolio of peer-led mental health and wellbeing adjunct programs, these newly established partnerships aim to equip veterans with practical skills to improve their overall health and wellbeing, as well as social and mental wellness. 

RSL Queensland Deputy CEO Veteran Services Troy Watson said the two new partnerships formed a key part of RSL Queensland’s overarching mission to strengthen and serve the veteran community.

“Our support services and wellness programs are designed to enhance the outcomes possible for veterans and their families,” Mr Watson said. 

“It is our hope that all participants unlock the door to new possibilities by recognising and recontextualising their unique strengths and capabilities.”

Delivered within a non-clinical, proactive health framework, both Survive To Thrive Nation and Swiss8 employ interactive and inclusive models, to empower participants to take charge of their mental health. 

Survive to Thrive Nation Founder and CEO Dane Christison said the program was intentionally designed to support those transitioning from military to civilian life – a known stage of risk for mental health decline. 

“The STTN Program is an online evidence-based program and consists of eight interactive personal development modules, focussing on 6 key areas of success - purpose and identity, mental health, physical health, building positive relationships, community, and financial success." Mr Christison said. 

“Available to veterans in the process of transitioning or recently transitioned, this program provides participants with ongoing support from experienced veteran peer mentors to monitor progress, identify concerns, and ultimately empower veterans to take responsibility for their mental health.

“It’s excellent to see leading ESOs such as RSL Queensland actively engaged with the needs of the veteran community by prioritising their support towards programs that are championing veterans to reconnect with their purpose within a civilian context.”

Adrian Sutter Swiss 8 RSL Queensland

Swiss8 Founder and CEO Adrian Sutter

Similarly, Swiss8’s Recalib8 Program is centred around the eight pillars of movement, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep, personal growth, discipline, tribe, and purpose – promoting an individual, holistic model of self-care for everyday life. 

Founded by former infantry section commander Adrian Sutter, Swiss8 Recalib8 Program has been purposefully created to build resilience and confidence in a new identity as veterans transition from the military. 

“The program aims to strengthen an individual’s mental health and wellbeing by channelling the lived experience of veterans into positive outlets.

“This partnership is an exciting step for Swiss8, as we continue to empower veterans to realise their full potential beyond the military,” Mr Sutter said. 


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