RSL Employment Program paves the way for work-life balance

06 March 2024

A life changing opportunity came knocking for Joanne with the help of RSL Queensland’s Employment Program.

Exploring new opportunities 

Brisbane local Joanne Lyndon-Floate has built her career as a team leader in the superannuation industry over several years. However, the demanding hours led the mother-of-one to consider whether there may be something better in the job market. 

“l was working long days and I didn’t have a great work-life balance,” Jo explains. “One of my main goals in leaving was to spend more time with my family.” 

RSL Queensland Employment Program Joanne Lyndon Floate

Joanne Lyndon-Floate with her family

Jo’s husband of 23 years – an Army veteran – noticed the impact this imbalance was having on her life. He suggested she connect with RSL Queensland’s Employment Program to explore new opportunities. 

“My husband was previously referred to the RSL Queensland Employment Program and he got a job through it. He thought that maybe they could help me find something else too,” Jo says. 

“His suggestion came at the right time, and I thought, ‘Why not give it a go?’.” 

Halfway through 2022, Jo was referred to employment consultant Samantha.  

Support through the job hunt 

Juggling job hunting can be difficult for many people. However, after connecting with the Employment Program, Jo found that her career opportunities broadened, and her search process was accelerated. 

“My employment consultant, Sam, was great – very accommodating and flexible. She ran me through everything, sent the paperwork, and from there we started talking about what I was looking for and what I was interested in doing,” Jo recalls. 

RSL Queensland Employment Program

The RSL Queensland Employment Program has helped hundreds of veterans and their partners find job opportunities

Not long after Jo sent her resume to Sam and reviewed a few job listings, a professional contact in the superannuation industry called out of the blue with an opportunity that piqued Jo’s interest: the chance to take the skills she had gained in the superannuation industry to a larger, more well-known company.  

“I didn’t have long to apply, so I told Sam about the role and she helped fix up my resume, arranged assistance with a cover letter and did a mock interview with me,” Jo says. 

“I’m not very confident in interviews, but Sam gave me great tips and ideas and set me up for success, without a doubt.” 

A perfect match 

About three months after first connecting with Sam through the RSL Queensland Employment Program, Jo landed a new job as Team Leader of Operations with Australian Retirement Trust. 

“In my new role I manage a team of about 14 people. I focus on managing performance, finding process improvements and efficiencies, and making sure that my team are meeting service levels and mandates,” Jo explains. 

While the role is similar to what Jo was doing in her previous job, the change has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on her lifestyle.  

“This job has brought me more work-life balance and also an opportunity to work from home for three days a week, which has given me more family time,” she says. 

“There is still a lot to learn, and the industry is always changing, so I am looking forward to growing in the role.”  

Looking back, Jo credits the help she received from Sam and the team at RSL Queensland with giving her career and work-life balance a boost. 

“This is a great program offered to veterans and their families. RSL Queensland has the right resources and the right people to make life a lot easier and more seamless when you’re trying to look for a job. 

“The organisation does so much to look after those who have served or that are still serving. I’d recommend them to anyone, without a doubt.” 

The free RSL Employment Program is open to veterans and veteran/Defence partners. Visit to explore the program or current vacancies on the jobs board.