Living the values of commemoration

04 October 2023
  • Ideas & info

How the RSL Queensland team preserves the memory of our veterans and brings commemoration to life.

For more than 108 years, RSL Queensland’s purpose has been to provide care, commemoration and camaraderie to veterans and their families. We fulfill it in ever-evolving ways – like providing life-changing support services, funding world-first research, and using advanced technology to help more veterans in better ways.

But sometimes, we do it in old-school ways too. Meet Tracey Victor, our Advocacy Team Leader in our Veteran Services team. 

Tracey's story is unique; during the more than eight years she’s worked at RSL Queensland, she slowly built up a collection of pictures of local Mackay veterans. 

Watch the video below and see how the pictures became a permanent piece of the Central Queensland District Office (formerly Pioneer-Fitzroy-Highlands District), and how Tracey lives the values of commemoration every day.  

Tracey Victor RSL Queensland