Staff who want to listen and help

07 February 2024
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Joanne Settgast on why she decided to become a Compensation Advocate.

At RSL Queensland, Joanne Settgast is well known for a few things. One of those is telling great stories that leave her co-workers in stitches. The other is being one of the most empathetic and big-hearted souls you’ll ever meet.

Thanks to her skillset, Jo was given the opportunity to move from her role as an Administration Officer to that of a Compensation Advocate just five months after joining the organisation. 

Because she loves helping others, Jo said yes.

“Everyone has a story and I just want to listen and help while giving veterans the best possible service I can,” Jo says.

“So, when an opportunity became available in the advocacy space it seemed like a fantastic chance to do just that.

“Before joining RSL Queensland I also did a lot of case work in the education sector.

Jo Settgast

In fact, being an Administration Officer for the first five months provided me with an excellent opportunity to see all aspects of the organisation and to better understand the role each team plays.

“Through answering the calls at the front desk, you also get a feel for the customers and a lot of their stories are just beautiful!

“And I honestly believe that even if it’s just a caring voice or showing concern, it can make a difference.”

While the new role required some training, Jo couldn’t wait to sink her teeth in and provide support.

“If I can be a voice for them, then that’s everything,” she says.