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30 April 2024
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Thanks to the RSL Employment Program’s guidance and connections, Army veteran Clare found a civilian role she loves.

After dedicating almost 12 years to a diverse array of Army roles spanning logistics, warehouse management, account oversight and operations, Clare Mason found a meaningful and fulfilling civilian career with help from the RSL Employment Program. 

 Article Clare Mason RSL Queensland Employment Program

 Army veteran Clare Mason found a civilian role with the help of RSL Queensland's Employment Program

Success after service

Discovering the RSL Employment Program through a Defence transition coach was instrumental in helping Clare secure a job with Electrotech Australia as an Administration and Support Officer in July 2022. 

Now she’s been in the position for more than a year and is excelling, Clare recommends the program to those going through the transition process, which can sometimes be an intimidating experience. She believes services like RSL Queensland's Employment Program are essential to helping veterans find their footing in the civilian job market. 

Article Army veteran Clare Mason RSL Queensland Employment Program

Clare's new role allows her to balance her professional and family life

“The program really opened my eyes and gave me the confidence to navigate the job search process effectively,” Clare says. 

“The team analysed my skills and personality, aligning them seamlessly with career opportunities that not only met my expectations but also catered to my personal life and family needs." 

A partner to count on 

RSL Queensland understands that finding meaningful employment involves more than just securing a job. It’s about finding a role that fits each veteran’s stage of life and ambitions and gives them a sense of purpose every day when they go to work. 

“Through meetings and discussions, RSL Queensland understood the value of the skills I had acquired during my military service – skills that extended beyond logistics. Areas like prioritisation, account management, and time management are transferable to many careers," Clare says. 

Delivered by RSL Queensland, the RSL Employment Program offers vital employability skills training – including interview preparation – to give veterans a competitive edge in the job market. 

The program facilitated Clare's career transition by assisting with the development of her resume and crafting of compelling cover letters. More than that, it helped to streamline her job search through a wide network of employer connections.  

“Not only did I receive unwavering support and guidance, but it also saved me time, which was crucial given my responsibilities as a mother of two and having a job at the time. Each day brought me closer to finding the perfect job, and even when things didn't go as planned, the RSL Employment team kept me motivated and positive," Clare says. 

An exemplary employer 

Clare hopes that her success story will inspire more members of the Defence community to explore the benefits of the RSL Employment Program. This program has already helped more than 1,100 veterans and partners of current or ex-serving Defence members to secure meaningful employment and has forged partnerships with employers nationwide to facilitate job placements for ex-service personnel. 

ElectroTech Australia is an enterprise dedicated to supporting veterans and Defence families. From the beginning of her employment, Clare has thrived in her role and praises the business for its support of veterans and Defence families and its flexibility in accommodating family needs. 

"I love my position; it aligns perfectly with my personality and life goals, offering both professional development and financial growth opportunities," Clare says. 

RSL Queensland partners with a wide range of employers across Australia to help transitioning and ex-serving Defence members, and partners of current or ex-serving Defence members, find meaningful work. Learn more here. 


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