Students prepare for history pilgrimage as RSL Queensland announces three-year partnership of the Premier’s Anzac Prize

11 February 2023
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RSL Queensland is proud to announce the continuation of its partnership with the Premier’s Anzac Prize – a prominent and enriching program from the Queensland Department of Education that enables students to engage first-hand with the ANZAC tradition, legacy and spirit.

The Prize provides eight Queensland high school students and two teachers a once in a lifetime opportunity to embark on a 16-day tour of European battlefields where Australian forces fought during World War I, including a dawn ANZAC Day service at the Australian National Memorial in Villers-Bretonneux, France. 

RSL Queensland State President Major General Stephen Day DSC AM said it was important that young people continued to recognise how service people from past conflicts contributed to making Australia what it is today. 

RSL Queensland State President Stephen Day and Vicki McDonald

State Librarian Vicki McDonald AM FALIA and RSL Queensland State President Major General Stephen Day DSC AM

“This Prize enables young and passionate students to immerse themselves in the legacy of the ANZACs – understanding the sacrifices they made, and the ANZAC spirit they all embodied,” MAJGEN Day said.  

“The history of the ANZACs has become part of the fabric of our nation’s heritage; with the legend of our Diggers having shaped our national identity.  

“With the ANZAC spirit forged more than a century ago, this unique pilgrimage provides an immense opportunity for students to learn and recognise how service people from past conflicts have contributed to our nation.” 

Proudly supporting the Premier’s Anzac Prize since 2019, RSL Queensland is committed to educating school students on the legacy of the ANZACs and the service and sacrifice they made for future generations. 

“We are honoured to be able to continue our partnership with the Queensland Department of Education, and support the invaluable opportunity this prize provides for young people across the state,” MAJGEN Day said. 
“These students are our future, and by empowering them to learn about our rich history we are building their knowledge so they may continue to share and uphold the ANZAC spirit in their local Queensland communities.” 

This year’s Premier’s Anzac Prize recipients were selected from 40 high-quality applicants across the state and will take part in other ANZAC-related activities such as research, community engagement and charity fundraising in the lead up to their tour in April 2023. 

Premier's ANZAC Prize

Assistant Minister to the Premier for Veterans' Affairs Mr Bart Mellish MP, recipients of the Premier's Anzac Prize, State Librarian Vicki McDonald AM FALIA and RSL Queensland State President Major General Stephen Day DSC AM