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RSL Queensland 22 January 2022

Our brand is evolving so that we can better serve and advocate for veterans and their families.

As part of its Strategic Plan, RSL Queensland is refreshing its brand to ensure its services and support systems are both relevant and recognised by all Defence family members as well as the broader community.

Our Strategic Plan presents us with an opportunity to build on the great work we’re already doing. In putting our strategy to paper, we saw how our organisation could be stronger, more relevant and evolve alongside our members. For more than 100 years we’ve existed to serve veterans and their families, and we intend to continue cultivating a tradition of standing shoulder to shoulder to create brighter futures for veterans.



RSL Queensland veteran hugging kids

The work we’re doing supports veterans and their families. But we also know there’s still a lot of people who don’t know the breadth of the services and support RSL Queensland offers. RSL Queensland Acting Chief Marketing Officer David Smerdon says the team has done amazing work to date, and we’re building our internal capacity to tell even more people what we do.

“While we are focused on our purpose of creating brighter futures for veterans and their families, we discovered that only 21 per cent of veterans under 39 years old thought we were relevant to their needs,” he explains.

“We have a responsibility to continue to find meaningful and authentic ways to be relevant to all Defence family members to ensure we can remain true to our purpose and continue serving veterans and their families in ways that matter.”

RSL Queensland’s brand evolution is anchored in a commitment to be the leading specialist in veteran support.

“Not everyone knows the wide variety of ways that RSL Queensland can support veterans,” David says. “From employment and scholarship support to help carve a new career path, advice for preparing DVA claims or finding secure accommodation, our reach is vast and there are still more veterans and their families we can help.” 

David says that at the same time it is vital the organisation continues to find ways to develop innovative programs and advocacy support.

“We are developing ways to ensure that the RSL Queensland brand is visible to the maximum number of people and that we’re informing Veterans and their families about all the support that is available to them.

“When a veteran or their family needs help, we don’t want anyone wondering who they can call. We want them to know that with a visit to a Sub Branch, phone call, email or visit to our website they can start the process of getting the support they need.

“We’re rolling up our sleeves, doing all that we can to lead the way as Australia’s leading ex-service organisation. We want to show veterans and the broader community that RSL Queensland is more than they know,” David says.

Further to our brand launch that went live in October 2021, next year we’ll be releasing more communications that underline the vital services RSL Queensland offers current and ex-serving Defence members. From one-on-one support navigating DVA claims and employment assistance, to crisis housing and life-changing scholarships – RSL Queensland is here to support you in real and practical ways. We’re ready to challenge the perception that we’re “parmies and pints”.



RSL Queensland veteran homelessness

  • More than 30,000 members, volunteers and staff who deliver specialist services to veterans and their families
  • Helping veterans navigate a complex system, so they can get on with more of the good
  • Investing in research to support veteran health
  • Empowering veterans to secure stable accommodation
  • Helping veterans and their families find new purpose and direction with dedicated employment and scholarship programs
  • 220+ welcoming Sub Branches across Queensland where veterans and their families can really connect
  • RSL Queensland, the specialists in veteran support.



RSL Queensland brand scholarship

What we stand for and how we deliver the support we give veterans remains the same, but we have taken the opportunity to reflect and refine the values that guide us.

We know how to help

We bring our expertise in veteran services and support to tailor our approach. There’s no one-size-fits-all to the people we help every day.

We stand shoulder to shoulder

Together we achieve more. It is that simple. No matter the size of the challenge, we are here to help and create a safe space for one another.

We do it with heart

It isn’t enough to say we care; we show it too. Empathy, pride and passion for where we’ve come from and where we are going is key. We listen actively and approach conversations with openness, honesty and transparency.

We make it easy

Keeping it simple is the goal. Curiosity and collaboration drive us, and we embrace working smarter, not harder.

We do what we say

We are one organisation with one vision, working to lead the change that veterans need and deserve. Through action and outcomes, we’re leading by example and setting the standard in veteran support and services.




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