Employment Program empowers Army veteran

Matilda Dray 12 March 2021
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Army veteran Tristan King has found a job for life, thanks to support from the RSL Employment Program.

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Tristan spent seven years in the Army at 8th/9th Battalion in Brisbane and was deployed to Iraq and Papua New Guinea. He has now secured himself an apprenticeship with Energy Queensland and is happily settled into a new life in Toowoomba.

“When I left Defence, I knew I wanted to do a trade. I felt very overwhelmed trying to get out and get a job in the civilian sector,” says Tristan.

He learned about the Energy Queensland apprenticeship through a friend and sought assistance through the RSL Employment Program.

“The program was really helpful as they looked over my CV and told me what to sort of study for. They asked if we were all over trigonometry, and if they weren’t, they were happy to get a tutor in to get us up to speed on that,” says Tristan.

“A lot of the guys are ex-service as well, so they understand what you’re going through. They’ve been there themselves, so they know how to help you out. They’ll bend over backwards for you. The assistance they provided really just helped me feel like I was on a level playing field with everyone else."

RSL Queensland understands that the right role can give veterans purpose and direction. It’s about establishing a meaningful career, not just finding a job.

“The RSL Employment Program’s a massive help for anyone leaving Defence. I probably wouldn’t be here without it. It’s helped me achieve a secure job that I enjoy,” says Tristan.

Being a veteran-friendly employer, Tristan believes Energy Queensland understands that veterans have a wealth of life experience and skills that can benefit their business. And the Queensland Government-owned corporation has proved the perfect fit for this former infantryman.

“I guess it’s similar to the Army in a way, where you work with the same guys day in, day out, knowing that someone’s always going to be looking out for me, and just a comfortable, familiar feeling,” describes Tristan.

He feels content with his new career path and plans to stay with Energy Queensland for the rest of his working life.

“I’ve got a good job that I love. I love coming to work every day, so that’s just helped me have a better life.” 

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If you, or someone you know, has made the difficult decision to leave Defence, we can support your transition into civilian employment with our specially tailored program for ex-Defence members or their partners.

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