ANZAC Spirit family game

ANZAC Spirit family fun

Louise Liddiard-Smith 21 April 2020

Stay sharp with our ANZAC spirit family games.

If you're looking for some fun and interesting activities for you and the kids, why not check out the RSL Education suite of ANZAC spirit family games? 


1. ANZAC Spirit Bingo

Get the whole family together - over Skype or Facetime if you need to - for a game of ANZAC Spirit Bingo.

Download a printable PDF with instructions, player cards and caller cards.

ANZAC Spirit family game


2. For the word nerds

Consider yourself a bit of a word nerd? Here are a few games to keep you busy:

RSL Education ANZAC Spirit

3. Trivia buffs

For trivia buffs out there we've created a special game of ANZAC Spirit Trivia to keep the whole family guessing.


Learn about ANZAC Day

If your kids want to learn more about the history of ANZAC Day, RSL Education has an amazing array of free education resources from Prep through to Year 12.




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