RSL RAEMUS Rover Off-Road Racing

Rediscover your purpose, unlock your confidence and get your adrenaline pumping as part of RSL RAEMUS Rover crew.

Whether you're navigating, keeping the wheels turning as pit crew or putting the pedal to the metal driving across the finish line, being a part of this off-road racing team is another way RSL Queensland are supporting ex-serving veterans and their families through the transition to civilian life.

Your chance to forge friendships and lifelong bonds while working on race vehicles, feeling the pressure or managing the logistics of a race-day competition all in a day's work as part of this off-road racing team.

“The program has encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone, AND to do things I wouldn’t normally do.” – Darlene Blake, veteran and RSL RAEMUS Rover NAVIGATOR.

“Unless you start actively participating In things, You Are never going to know what you Do and Don't like and What you can and can't do. Don't think about it, just do it” – Morgan Appleby, veteran and RSL RAEMUS ROVER comittee member.

Name: RAEMUS Coordinator

RSL Queensland provides financial support to the RAEMUS Rover Racing Program to offer ex-serving veterans the opportunity to be involved in the program with no out-of-pocket expense. 

This is a truly unique programThe work the off-road racing team provide is invaluable to support ex-serving veterans and their families navigating the ups and downs of transitioning to civilian life and ensures no one has to do it alone.

RSL RAEMUS Rover Off-Road Racing is for any ex-serving veteran – whether you have recently left the ADF or have been out of Defence for several years. 
“In Defence, you’re in teams, there’s camaraderie and structure. Once you leave, you’re on your own. To be involved with the [RSL RAEMUS Rover] team – where you rely on each other, there’s mateship and it’s your support network – it feels really good.” – Ben Whiley, veteran and RSL RAEMUS Rover team member.
There's no cost to be a part of the RAEMUS Rover Off Road Racing team thanks to the financial support provided by RSL Queensland
“Without RSL Queensland. The funding that we got initially from them gave us the funding to start the program, but, more importantly it also gave us credibility." - Morgan Appleby, veteran and RSL RAEMUS Rover team member.

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