Raemus Rover in action

RSL RAEMUS Rover Off-Road Racing

Gain a greater understanding of mechanics while working on the vehicles, experience the adrenaline rush of a pit crew at events, manage the logistics of competing, or aspire to vehicle navigator – becoming part of the RSL RAEMUS Rover off-road racing team is an exciting way to push your limits.

Whatever you do, you’ll find mateship and camaraderie in a team that knows all too well what you’re going through.

“Being in the team has brought a massive passion and spark back to my life. It’s great and I absolutely love it.” – Cameron Sherwood, veteran and RSL RAEMUS Rover team member.

“Racing is attractive, so they will do it, but they feel uncomfortable. And we’ll push. And then, at the end, I can say, ‘Look at what you just did; you can do anything’.” – Ian Baker, veteran and founder of RSL RAEMUS Rover.
Name: Ian Baker
Phone: 0401 393 184
Email: raemusrover@gmail.com

There are 20 scholarships for studies commencing or being undertaken in 2020. Each one is valued at up to $4,000 a year for up to three years.

The provision of scholarship funding is managed within strict guidelines.

To be eligible, you must be:

  • an ex-serving Defence member
  • ineligible for other Defence education and training assistance 
  • not in regular, full-time employment
  • enrolled or planning to enrol in an undergraduate, tertiary or vocational training course
  • able to demonstrate hardship or vulnerability since transitioning from ADF.
Applications open on 18 August 2019 and will remain open until filled, or until the 2021 scholarship round opens.


The application process is to allow partners of former and current Australian Defence Force (ADF) members to apply for scholarships under the RSL Partner Scholarship program. This program is supportive of education and training courses to aid in partners’ employability.

Assessment of Applications:

Your application will be acknowledged via email once received by RSL Queensland. All application forms submitted will be checked to confirm the applicant and proposed education and training course meets the intent and eligibility criteria of the program.

Completing your Form:

All mandatory fields and submission of forms outlined in this application must be completed in order to be assessed by RSL Queensland. Incomplete or partially completed forms will be returned to applicants.

Outcome of Applications:

Applicants will be notified via email of the outcome at the conclusion of the assessment.

Your Responsibility:

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that they have read the RSL Partner Scholarship Guidelines and that their request meets the intent and eligibility criteria of the program.

Approved applicants must advise RSL Queensland (partnerships@rslqld.org) of any subsequent changes in circumstances relating to:

a) change in relationship status
b) change to residential location
c) change in employment status
d) change to approved study (including fee alterations)

Applicants should be aware that giving false or misleading information may lead to rejection of the application.

Application Assistance:

Should assistance be required in completing the form, email RSL Queensland (partnerships@rslqld.org).

Download Guidelines [PDF]

Apply Now [PDF]