PTSD Resurrected

Serving in the Defence Force can expose service people to traumatic experiences, which can be difficult to reconcile with ‘normal’ life back home in Australia.

PTSD Resurrected Inc’s Reboot Recovery program provides practical long-term solutions for dealing with the internal values conflict and spiritual trauma of combat.

REBOOT is an intensive 3-day course that provides practical help and hope for individuals, and their families, addressing moral injury and mental health from trauma sustained in service and life experience. The program approaches trauma from a different angle. If your mind and body can be wounded, doesn’t it stand to reason that your soul can be wounded as well? What if that’s the ingredient you’ve been missing in your healing? REBOOT is not a support group. This is a course to equip you with the tools to live life again. Our team of diverse lived experience facilitators provide a safe, caring environment to support you in your journey towards hope, healing, and purpose.


RSL Queensland partner program gives hope to PTSD sufferers

The Reboot Recovery program is open to current or former service people who are experiencing mental health issues due to service, and their families.

There is no cost to participants. Support from RSL Queensland makes this possible.