Digger's Rest

When you need some space, fresh air to breathe or just time away from it all to clear your head, Digger’s Rest provides a welcoming retreat in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Set on 22 acres, Digger's Rest gives you the choice of how much you want to engage with others. You can roll out your swag under the stars or stay in a cabin among the rolling hills. Catch up with others around the campfire, turn your hand to a gardening project, or simply absorb the surrounds  it's up to you.
“Out here, it clears ones head, puts them in a different sphere and shows them there are things they can do, because they have served.” – Nick Forster-Jones, owner and operator, Digger’s Rest
Name: Nick or Karen Forster-Jones
Phone: 0488 280 884
Email: admin@diggersrest.org.au

If you have served or are still serving in the ADF, you're welcome at Digger’s Rest. Bring your family to reconnect or come alone to recharge. 

“It’s like an escape for the veterans. They honestly feel like they have a safe place here, they feel it is their safe haven, which is good.” – Nick Forster-Jones, owner and operator, Digger’s Rest
A visit to Digger’s Rest won’t cost you a thing, thanks to support from RSL Queensland.

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