Angus House

Conveniently located close to the heart of Brisbane, Angus House provides a welcoming environment and all meals for veterans who need to access specialist medical treatment, convalesce after treatment, or take time out from a domestic situation.

“Angus House worked out fantastic for me; it was comfortable, clean and close to public transport, which was great, because I didn’t have a car.” – James, veteran 

53-55 Bayliss Street
Phone: 07 3870 8743
If you’re a current or ex-serving ADF member, partner or dependant needing short-term accommodation in Brisbane, you may be eligible to stay at Angus House. 
Accommodation and all meals at Angus House costs just $20 per day. RSL Queensland subsidises the cost of this accommodation to ensure it is affordable. 
To ensure the safety and comfort of all, we ask guests to respect the peace and privacy of their fellow residents. Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted at Angus House.
Angus House is located centrally in Brisbane, close to both the Wesley and Toowong Private Hospitals as well as specialist offices on Wickham Terrace.

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