Wellbeing Services Terms and Conditions

The Wellbeing Service Terms and Conditions outlines the specific rules, terms and conditions of the RSL Queensland Wellbeing Service. These are in addition to the terms specified in the RSL Queensland Client Services Agreement.  

The Wellbeing Service is a partnership between you and RSL Queensland. To assist an engaging process, the service requires a commitment from both parties.  

If we notify you of these terms and you choose to participate in the Wellbeing Service, you accept these terms and conditions.

1  Wellbeing Service Overview:

The Wellbeing Service is the provision of urgent support to clients in immediate need. The service centres around the provision of financial assistance to eligible clients and engagement within RSL Queensland’s Veteran Homelessness program for those without permanent accommodation. However, the service can also incorporate connection to other community, government agency, service and health organisations based on client consent and their personal situation.  

The objective of the program is to build resilience and confidence, aiming to provide clients with tools and skills to increase their ability to manage their future.

The Wellbeing Services does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, prescription of medications, or treatment of any conditions. The service is not a substitute or alternative to professional health care and advice based on your circumstances, and you should not disregard professional advice, or delay seeking it, because of any information or guidance from the service.  

2   Eligibility:

You must:

  • be a current or former Australian Defence Force (ADF) member that has served at least one day continuous full-time service (CFTS) and/or their dependents;
  • Be a resident of Queensland for a minimum of 3 months;
  • Have an emerging need; and
  • meet the following additional criteria to access either the emergency financial assistance or veteran homelessness program:

RSL Queensland Veteran Homelessness Program:

  • Be experiencing chronic homelessness or rough sleeping
  • Be homeless or at risk of homelessness (as determined by RSL Queensland, acting reasonably based on evidence available to us).

Emergency financial assistance:

  • In urgent financial distress and not able to pay fundamental living costs such as rent, groceries and/or utilities.

Please note, as the Wellbeing Service aims to serve those in urgent need, all situations where RSL Queensland can support cannot be listed. However, all clients must demonstrate an emerging need.

The determination of whether a client is eligible to engage in RSL Queensland Wellbeing Services is determined by RSL Queensland (acting reasonably). Provided RSL Queensland acts reasonably, you acknowledge that you have no right to challenge any decision as to whether you are able to engage in any or part of the Wellbeing Service.

3   Our obligations to you:

  • We will support you in the program by discussing your needs and goals;
  • We will provide assessment services to ascertain your needs and provide resources both internally and externally, based on your consent, which may support your needs;
  • We will connect you with supplementary services (such as financial management services if you are requiring urgent financial assistance) and advise you if you must engage in these additional services in order to receive ongoing RSL Queensland assistance;
  • We will connect you with specialised professional services, such as mental health services, if required and based on your consent, and advise you if we determine (acting reasonably) that you must engage in these additional services in order to receive ongoing RSL Queensland assistance.

4  Your obligations:

  • You must provide proof of identity and your ADF service;
  • You declare that any information submitted during the Wellbeing Service is true and complete in all respects;
  • You will complete and return all relevant documentation required to engage in the service in a timely manner;
  • You will actively participate in the service, respond in a timely manner to the RSL Queensland advocate and complete any tasks and mandatory service programs to the best of your ability;
  • If accessing the Veteran Homelessness Program, you will actively engage and participate with our industry partners, The Salvation Army (TSA) and comply and complete tasks as required.
  • If accessing the Veteran Homelessness Program you will also comply with the requirements of the establishment/accommodation in which you are residing;
  • You will stay in contact with us and advise of any changes to your personal situation as they relate to your eligibility for the services and changes to the urgent or emerging need in relation to which we are providing the services.

5  Costs, Charges and Service Termination:

  • RSL Queensland does not charge a fee for Wellbeing Services. However, you acknowledge and take responsibility for any costs associated with medical or other professional services or in connection to the Wellbeing Service (if relevant) arising out of, or connected to, engaging in the Wellbeing Service;
  • You acknowledge that you will be responsible for any property damage you cause to RSL Queensland or relevant third party property arising out of, or connected to, you engaging in the Wellbeing Service;
  • You may cease using this service or any of RSL Queensland services at any time and for any reason by giving us written notice;
  • We may cease providing you with this service, if you do not comply to the Terms and Conditions of this service and/or the terms set out in the RSL Queensland Client Services Agreement;
  • RSL Queensland will not accept any responsibility for any liability arising from your failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions or the terms specified in the RSL Queensland Client Services Agreement.