Compensation Services Terms and Conditions

The Compensation Services Terms and Conditions outlines the specific rules, terms and conditions of the RSL Queensland Compensation and Appeals (“Compensation”) Service. These are in addition to the terms specified in the RSL Queensland Client Services Agreement. 

The Compensation Service is a partnership between you and RSL Queensland. To assist an engaging process, the service requires a commitment from both parties. If we notify you of these terms and you choose to participate in the Compensation Service, you accept these terms and conditions.

Compensation Service Overview:

The Compensation Service guides clients through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Claims and Appeals process. 

This service can support a client through an independent submission of a MyService claim or through an RSL Queensland advocate direct to DVA.


  • You must be an ADF reservist with a relevant matter for the DVA Claims and/or Appeals process; or
  • You must be a current or former Australian Defence Force (ADF) member with a relevant matter for the DVA Claims and /or Appeals process; or
  • You must be a dependent to a current or former ADF member, or any other person/s, eligible for DVA entitlements.

RSL Queensland services are primarily for eligible clients residing in Queensland. RSL Queensland, in its sole discretion, will determine if the Compensation Service can be provided to veterans and other DVA eligible persons located outside of Queensland.

Our obligations to you:

  • We will provide you with an RSL Queensland staff member who is either directly qualified and completed Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP) or is being overseen by a suitably qualified advocate for your claim and /or appeal;
  • RSL Queensland advocates are not lawyers and will not provide you with legal advice;
  • We will provide you with our honest advice and recommendations relevant to current Legislation and DVA policy (but will not provide you with legal advice);
  • Upon your completion of all documentation required by DVA and submission of that documentation to us, we will wherever reasonably possible, submit your claim within one working week. In the event we are unable to make this timeframe, we will connect with you and provide the timeline the claim can be submitted within;
  • We will remain in contact with you during key timepoints during the DVA claim and/or appeal process and provide feedback from DVA within 48 business hours of receiving this feedback; and
  • We will provide guidelines to you on expected DVA response time at time of claim submission and/or appeals process.

Your obligations:

  • You declare that any information submitted during the Compensation Service is true and complete in all respects;
  • You will complete and return all relevant documentation required to complete the claim and /or appeal, including but not limited to medical evidence, authority to act forms and any other DVA requirement as soon as reasonably possible;
  • You understand any delays in you providing these completed forms, will delay your claim and/or appeal from being completed and subsequently submitted by the RSL Queensland advocate;
  • You will actively participate in the service, respond in a timely manner to the RSL Queensland advocate and complete paperwork to the best of your ability; and
  • You will stay in contact with us and advise of any changes to your claim and/or appeal requirements.

Costs, Charges and Service Termination:

  • RSL Queensland does not charge a fee for Compensation Services. However, you acknowledge and take responsibility for any costs associated with medical or other professional services arising out of, or connected to, the completion and submission of your DVA claim and/or appeal. For the avoidance of doubt, RSL Queensland accepts no responsibility for these costs associated with or connected to your DVA claim and/or appeal process;
  • You may cease using this service or any of RSL Queensland services at any time and for any reason by giving us written notice;
  • We may cease providing you with this service if you do not comply to the terms and conditions of this service and/or the terms set out in the RSL Queensland Client Services Agreement; and
  • RSL Queensland will not accept any responsibility for any liability arising from your failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions or the terms specified in the RSL Queensland Client Services Agreement.