Timor Awakening event, elder giving scarf to RSL Veteran

Timor Awakening 15

Gold Coast 2021

The Timor Awakening (TA) program is an immersive, evidence based, peer to peer wellbeing program for veterans and their families (ie spouse/defacto or adult child); composing holistic health education, group therapy, mentoring, physical activity and community development.

The program aims to provide renewal, holistic health training and contribute and reduce the instance of veteran suicide, domestic violence and detrimental affects of service life on veteran families.

TA is a program for veterans willing to be accountable and take responsibility to do the work to move in a positive direction in life. The activities and structure in the program is designed to help each veteran make a positive plan towards purpose, identity, to realise their potential and regain a sense of pride and dignity in their lives.

Nominations close 21 November 2020

Interested in joining TA?

Make sure you fill out the Expression of Interest form on the website at www.timorawakening.com/participants.

Before completing the EOI please read the website to gain a deeper understanding about the Timor Awakening program. Past programs, testimonials, media reports, photo galleries and videos are available.

The Details
Saturday 27 February -
Sunday 07 March
Gold Coast

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