Sport in The Army Exhibition

Exhibition by Army Museum South Queensland

The Army Museum South Queensland will be having an exhibition "Sport in The Army" commencing February 2021, which will display Army sporting memorabilia and other pieces. 

On the 16th September 1945 on a ground at Torokina, Bougainville, a forgotten piece of military sports history took place.

Rugby League was usually played as an inter regimental or inter battalion competition with sides picked to represent their regiment or battalion irrespective of their birth place.

This competition was played by teams based on the soldier’s place of enlistment, and as the battalions were made up of mainly Queensland and New South Wales personnel, it was billed as “Interstate Rugby League Series, Bougainville”.

Both games were won by Queensland: 10 – 9 & 20 – 13.

The trophy was handed over to Queensland Rugby League by the Army at half time in a 1946 Brisbane Club match. It was donated to the Army Museum South Queensland in November 1998.

Bookings can be made online by visiting the Army Museum South Queensland website, by emailing or by calling 0429 954 663.

Cost is $15.00 per person which allows entry to the Barracks, an Audio presentation, a Devonshire morning tea served with Mess silver, a walking tour of the historical barracks, a souvenir booklet and a group photo. Booking can be made for either groups or individuals.

The Details
Wednesday 03 March -
Wednesday 28 July
03rd March 2021 - 28th July
Victoria Barracks
80-86 Petrie Terrace
Petrie Terrace

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