Ceremony to Commemorate the Coastwatchers

Join us in commemorating the service of those who have served as Coastwatchers, especially Third Officer Ruby Olive Boye-Jones BEM.

The remarkable story of Ruby and the Coastwatchers will be commemorated at the monthly ceremony at the Jack Tar statue at South Brisbane Memorial Park (next to the Ship Inn) at 10.30 am on Thursday 29th July.

The address will be delivered by Dr Betty Lee, grandniece of Lieutenant Commander Eric Feldt, the Solomon Island plantation manager tasked by the Navy to recruit, train and manage the network of ordinary people who stepped up and achieved extraordinary things for their country. Descendants of legendry decorated Coastwatchers Paul Mason, Connal Gill and Bill Bennett will be attending along with representatives from the United States, Solomon Islands, New Guinea and Chinese communities.

Coastwatchers rescued 75 prisoners of war, 321 shot-down Allied airmen, 280 shipwrecked naval personnel, 190 missionaries and civilians, uncounted Islanders and 260 Asians who had put their own lives into danger. The Coastwatchers wrote a glorious page in the sad history of war.

The memorial in Madang that is dedicated to the 36 Australian Coastwatchers who chose to put  country before self and paid the ultimate price is inscribed with the words:

They watched and warned and died that we might live.’

The Details
Thursday 29 July
Naval "Jack's" Memorial, South Brisbane Memorial Park
459 Stanley St
South Brisbane
Name: Jayne Keogh
Email: naaqldmedia@outlook.com

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