2RAR samichon

2 RAR Samichon Day

This year, the CO, LTCOL Judd Finger and myself WO1 Jason Sten would like to invite as many Korean War veterans of 2 RAR to return to the Battalion for an intimate reunion and commemoration of the ‘Battle of the Hook’ and Korean War Armistice Day.

The invitation is also open to any former 2 RAR and 2/4 RAR members and their families, as well as families of 2 RAR veterans (especially Korean War veterans), that have since passed to attend and help show support and participate in the commemorations.

We would like to extend a warm invitation and offer of assistance to any original 2 RAR Korean War veterans that would like to travel to the Battalion for this special day. The Battalion will make every effort to help transport Korean War veterans, including collecting them upon arrival, driving them to their accommodation, transporting them on the reunion day and their return journey. We understand that Korean War veterans are in their 80s and are not as spritely as they once were and may have a carer or family member attending, which we encourage. We would love your family members to share in your service and experience the Battalion.

For some, the years are ticking by and time to visit the Battalion again is fading, so please think about making the effort.

Schedule of events

Friday 26 July 2019

  • 9:00 to 9:45am – arrive at the barracks and assemble at BHQ (water, coffee and tea available).
  • 10:00am – service on Battalion Parade ground (includes marquees and seats for Korea guests, their families and other members requiring seating).
  • Approx. 10:45 to 11:00am – service concludes and all move to the Edgar Towner V.C Club for refreshments, welcome, museum and BBQ lunch.
    From conclusion of service, the 2 RAR historical collection will be open.
  • Dinner - all returning Korean War veterans will be hosted at an intimate dinner.
The Details
Friday 26 July
The Royal Australian Regiment, Samichon Lines
Lavarack Barracks
Name: WO2 Paul Harrison
Phone: 0408 462 861
Email: paul.harrison3@defence.gov.au