It's almost time to Light Up the Dawn!

Anita Jaensch 23 April 2020

Here are all the details for you to be able to hold your own personal ANZAC Day commemoration.

This year, ANZAC Day will be like no other in history. But thanks to Australians’ ANZAC spirit, we believe it will be just as poignant.

We’ve had tens of thousands of people pledge to join us to light up the dawn at 6am on ANZAC Day, and we’re looking forward to sharing a moment of unity as the final notes of The Last Post fade into a minute’s silence.

Here are a few final tips to help you create a truly special commemoration.


1. Show your ANZAC spirit by decorating your letterbox, front door or balcony railing

Many people have shared with us the amazing ways they’re showing their ANZAC spirit – from hand-painted signs for their fences and handmade wreaths for their letterboxes, to life-size plywood lighthorsemen.

Check out our videos on how to create your own poppy or rosemary wreath, or let your creative talents take flight.


2. Let your neighbours know about Light Up the Dawn

Wouldn’t it be amazing to look down your street on ANZAC morning and see every one of your neighbours in their driveway? Let your neighbours know how you’re planning to commemorate ANZAC Day by popping a note in their letterbox.

To make it easy for you, if you pledge to participate at, you’ll be able to download a flyer that you can simply print at home.

(While it might be lovely to see your neighbours out en masse, please remember to practise appropriate social distancing to keep everyone safe!)


3. Be out in your driveway a few minutes early

We’re hoping everyone will begin their ANZAC Day service at 6am, so it’s worth making sure you’re in place and ready to go a few minutes early. If you have rosemary growing in your garden, pin a sprig to your lapel in remembrance of those who served and sacrificed for our sake.

Enjoy the early morning birdsong and the gorgeous dawn light while you’re waiting those few minutes.


4. Play a commemorative service

We’ve put together a short commemorative service perfectly suited to observing the occasion from your driveway, balcony, garden or paddock. The service comprises The Ode, The Last Post, a minute’s silence, Reveille and the Australian and New Zealand national anthems.

To make absolutely sure that the technology behaves itself on the day, we’re making the service available in a number of ways.

  • You’ll be able to play it directly, either from or our Facebook page. We advise that you visit the website 10 minutes early to ensure you're ready to go.
  • Some radio stations will also play a service, so check with your local station.


5. Enjoy a Gunfire Breakfast

‘Gunfire’ refers to the tot of rum that was once given to soldiers alongside their breakfast as an extra measure of courage before battle. So why not serve up a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, coffee or tea (and maybe a little something extra) in their memory on ANZAC morning?


6. Give back

We know times are tough for many at the moment but, if you can spare a couple of dollars for veterans in need, please consider donating to the ANZAC Appeal. The funds raised go to our Sub Branches, which provide vital grassroots support for veterans in their local area.