Mates4Mates and RSL Queensland

Partners in veteran progress

Louise Liddiard-Smith 09 June 2020

Did you know Mates4Mates was established by RSL Queensland in 2013?

You may know about the great work Mates4Mates does supporting our veterans, but did you know the organisation was established by RSL Queensland in 2013?

While RSL Queensland was well versed in veteran advocacy and welfare services, the organisation identified a need to ensure veterans – particularly those from more recent conflicts – were able to access and receive care and support for specific service-related injuries.

Mates4Mates and RSL Queensland

RSL Queensland General Manager of Veteran Services Rob Skoda says, “Mates4Mates was established to provide specialised support to current and ex-serving members of the ADF, who may have been experiencing physical and psychological injuries as a result of their service. That includes psychological support, physical rehabilitation and wellbeing, as well as social connection for their whole family.”

Mates4Mates and RSL Queensland

Mates4Mates understands that when one member of a family unit experiences a service-related physical injury or mental health issue, the entire family can be affected. Spouses, partners, children or parents of veterans with service-related injuries can experience isolation or their own mental health challenges as a result of the circumstances of military life. That’s why Mates4Mates also offers their services to immediate family members.

Mates4Mates and RSL Queensland

At their Family Recovery Centres and outreach areas, Mates4Mates provides clinical services, skills for recovery programs, complementary therapies, such as trauma informed yoga, and social connection opportunities for Mates to connect with other people who have been through similar experiences.

Mates4Mates General Manager of Service Delivery and Operations Bernadette Praske explains that their key priority is to provide support for veterans impacted by service-related injuries, and their families. “We help provide Mates with the tools and resources needed to improve their physical and mental wellbeing now and well into the future.”

Mates4Mates and RSL Queensland

In the future Mates4Mates are looking to expand their physical presence – by opening more Family Recovery Centres – as well as developing ways to deliver their services remotely. And the relationship between RSL Queensland and Mates4Mates remains strong. “By working together, we can provide an extensive range of services to best suit each individual’s needs. We often refer our Mates to RSL Queensland for various programs, including their employment program,” Bernadette says.

To find out more about the services offered by Mates4Mates, click here.


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