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Michelle Colefax 20 March 2019

Creating our new brand video was an exciting process, involving a cast of veterans and an all-nighter!

To bring the concept of Shoulder to Shoulder, Always to life, we engaged our creative agency, Rumble, and a professional production company, Taxi, to produce a heartfelt brand video. 

The video is set on ANZAC morning, just before a Dawn Service. This meant settling in for a full-night shoot; we started shooting as soon as the sun went down and finished at 5am in the gorgeous pre-dawn light. 

 Camera team shooting brand video

Above all, we wanted to ensure we authentically represented our Defence family, so we embarked on a nationwide search to find veteran actors for the central roles. After many weeks of searching and casting, we hit the jackpot with Philip, an 88-year- old veteran embarking on a second career in acting, and Claire, a Navy veteran whose 11 years of service included a six-and-a-half month deployment to the Middle East. 

Veteran cast on beach

We also engaged the veteran-run company, Extra Specialists, to provide a cast of 10 extras for the final scene (with the very glamorous call time of 3.30am!) 

Check out the video below:

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