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07 August 2019

A round-up of what's on offer.

Many of us rely on smart phone apps to inform, educate and entertain. Now, there are also a variety of apps designed specifically for current serving and ex-ADF members - offering everything from advice about alcohol consumption to mental health support. 

The apps mentioned below are not a replacement for advice from your GP or mental health professional. If you are struggling and need to speak to someone please call us on 134 RSL or Open Arms on 1800 011 046.

High Res:

This app has been designed by DVA to assist current and ex-serving ADF members and their families manage the stresses of military life.

Defence Apps RSL Queensland

PTSD Coach:

This app is offered by DVA for current and ex-serving ADF members and features information about PTSD as well as links for support and help.

Operation Life:

The Operation Life app is another DVA app that designed to help those at risk deal with suicidal thoughts with the support of a clinician. 

The Right Mix:

The Right Mix has also been developed by DVA and provides tips and strategies to try and reduce the impact of alcohol consumption on your life.

Defence Apps RSL Queensland

Survive to Thrive:

The Survive to Thrive program has been developed and backed by ADF members who have firsthand experience with PTSD. The broader program contains video coaching modules, exercise and nutritional information as well as a smart phone app. 


REDSIX has been developed to try and lower the suicide rate within the veteran community. The app’s peer-to-peer veteran community aims to support other veterans who are struggling with their mental health. In iTunes, search for Six* to download.

Defence Apps RSL Queensland

Do you know of any other useful apps? Let us know!


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