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Ex-Service Organisation Directory

There are many ex-service organisations (ESOs) that help current and ex-serving personnel in various ways.

RSL Queensland collaborates with a range of ESOs to ensure members of our Defence family get the help they need. 

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Combat Support Association

Combat Support Association provides:   Transition: Individual advice and sources service for the development of individual Transition Plans.   Representation: Represents on Veterans Issues as part of a networked Ex Service Organisation.   Welfare: Sources veteran and community services to support individual, family or unit welfare needs For more information please email  

Red Shield Defence Services

Part of the Salvation Army, RSDS’ “Sallymen” work on base and during deployments to provide non-Defence associated support to address morale, wellbeing, health and spirituality needs. Programs delivered by RSDS include Suicide Prevention and Bereavement Assistance, Family and Personal Support and Professional Youth Support.

Australian Special Air Service Association

Australian Special Air Service Association (ASASA) is the regimental association of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR). It is a legally constituted and incorporated "not for profit" organisation and is a recognised ex-service organisation with the Australian Government, the Australian Defence Force and with the Department of Veterans' Affairs. It is an Australia-wide association with Branches in each State (except for Tasmania), and a Branch in the Australian Capital Territory. The aims of the Association can be summarised as: to provide assistance to past and present members of the SASR; to perpetuate the close bonds of friendship and "esprit de corps" that exists amongst those who served in SASR; to provide support to SASR and preserve its good name and reputation.

Survive to Thrive Program

This online training program was developed by a former serviceman from first-hand military experience of learning to survive and thrive with PTSD, anxiety, depression and transitioning from military to civilian life. It is suitable for current or former military members and their partners and helps participants understand common mental health conditions arising from military service and training and how they impact behaviour. The program aims to provide skills to build emotional resilience to overcome adversity. It also explains what to expect in civilian life and how to handle issues before serious problems occur.

Soldier On

Assists veterans who are dealing with issues of isolation, poor mental health, drug and alcohol dependency, unemployment and homelessness. Core programs include reintegration services, group counselling, yoga and physical training, confidence building programs and return to work activities.

Wandering Warriors

A strategic fundraising organisation of volunteers that exists to provide care, support and opportunities for our veterans and their families. As well as raising funds for smaller ex-service charities, we offer mentoring and education placements to selected veterans.

Defence Families Australia

An advisory body to the Minister for Defence and Chief of Defence on matters affecting Defence family. Specifically they assist family who are separated due to a spouse being posted to another location, spouse employment, and providing support to family when a member is deployed.

Naval Association of Australia

Aims to provide representation to government on veterans issues, advisory and counselling services, and crisis support and assistance.


Supports current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members and their immediate families, who have suffered physical or psychological wounds, injuries or illnesses as a result of their service. In a family friendly environment, Mates4Mates provides a range of Psychological Services; Physical Rehabilitation & Wellbeing Services; Employment & Education Support Services; Rehabilitative Adventure Challenges; and Social Connection Activities. Mates4Mates is an initiative of RSL Queensland.