Answers to Questions received before 4:30pm on 19 April 2019

Questions below submitted by:

District: Far Northern
Sub Branch: Mossman

Question: Will there be any special training that can be covered over the internet for the following subjects, governance, grant writing and Sub Branch Portal, and if so can I have forwarded to me all the access details.

Answer: All training sessions at the AGM will be filmed and published to the RSL Queensland website following the AGM, so that all Sub Branches can view and use the content if required. Your District Secretary will advise when the content is available.

District: Brisbane North
Sub Branch: Samford

Question: Will the delegates that are attending the State AGM receive a full copy of the financials of Mates4Mates.

Answer: The RSL Queensland State Branch Financial Statements are prepared on a consolidated basis, being the financial results of RSL Queensland Branch and its only subsidiary entity, Mates4Mates Limited. The donation made by RSL Queensland State Branch to Mates4Mates is shown at Note 3a ‘Donations and Welfare’.

The Mates4Mates Limited financial statements are prepared and approved by the Mates4Mates board and presented to that entity’s AGM. These financial statements, once lodged are available on the ACNC website. They are also published on the Mates4Mates website in the ‘Reports & Publications’ section.

District: South Eastern

Question: Members who are financial in 2018 but have not paid in the renewal period; can their membership continue if they pay their annual fees in 2019? Having to re-apply to rejoining the RSL within the New Year is just not sensible.

Answer: When processing membership applications and renewals, it is important that the team at RSL Queensland align strictly with the RSL Queensland Constitution. 

Section 4 of the RSL Queensland Constitution provides that annual subscriptions are due and payable in advance on 1 January each year; however the Constitution also provides for members to pay their subscription up until 28 February each year before they lose any of the rights or privileges of membership. As the membership renewal period opens at the start of December each year, this provides a three month period for membership renewal, which most members and Sub Branches find is more than adequate.

Our experience is that where renewal hasn’t occurred, it is often because the member has changed address, and so has not received their renewal notice. The act of re-application for those former members therefore ensures that we are collecting their new and correct address.

South Eastern 
Sub Branch: Sherwood Indooroopilly

Q1: Why did the Queensland nominees of the recent nominations request for National RSL President fail to be accepted by RSL Queensland and be passed to National for consideration? 

Two nominations for the position of National President were received by the Board. These were passed on to RSL National in accordance with the State Constitution; however, the Board made the decision not to support either nomination. 

Q2: Why did RSL Queensland fail to reply to the motion of no confidence in RSL Queensland sent to you in January 2019 as requested on the letter? 

In an email response to the Sherwood-Indooroopilly RSL Sub Branch Secretary on February 18, the RSL Queensland State Secretary offered to attend the Sub Branch General Meeting. On February 28, he emailed the Sub Branch President and District President to inform them of his offer to the Sub Branch Secretary. 

The Sub Branch Secretary did not take up the offer.  

Q3: Why has RSL Queensland failed in its due diligence for full disclosure and transparency in the recent meeting between RSL Queensland President and RSL NSW President, why were minutes of that meeting not taken and promulgated? 

RSL Queensland Directors, Executives and staff very regularly meet with their counterparts from other State Branches. Formal minutes are not taken unless required. 
On this occasion, the RSL NSW President visited ANZAC House to learn about the good work being done by RSL Queensland. 

Q4: Why did RSL Queensland fail to meet any of the timelines required by the Productivity Commission for submissions? The eventual submissions whilst well presented and written well it was still again submitted after the final due date. 

RSL Queensland liaised with the Productivity Commission well in advance of the deadlines to request extensions, in order to allow serious and thorough consideration of the issues raised in the Productivity Commission report. On both occasions, an extension was granted by the Productivity Commission and RSL Queensland’s response submitted by the extended date. 

Q5: Why is there a limited range for RPL to be given to currently experienced advocates? 

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs develops and administers the Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP), including provisions for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). The program is not developed or administered by RSL Queensland. 

RSL Queensland continues to advocate for modification of the program to make it as user friendly as possible.