RSL Queensland has in place a suite of insurance policies that provides comprehensive cover across its operations and extends some blanket policies to eligible Sub Branches who opt in, depending on their activities, at no charge.

Each year an Annual Renewal Program calls for expressions of interest from Sub Branches who meet eligibility criteria to participate in the insurance program for the period. The Annual Renewal Program includes Group Personal Accident Insurance and Public & Products Liability Insurance policies.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance provides benefits and cover for defined out-of-pocket expenses if an accident results in the injury or death of a volunteer arising out of their volunteer activities on behalf of the RSL.

RSL Queensland and Sub Branches rely heavily on voluntary work as part of their regular business activities. In the event of injury or sickness occurring during volunteer work, in many cases, particularly if the Sub Branch is a volunteer association, volunteers would not be covered under the compulsory Work Cover scheme that otherwise applies to paid employees.

Public & Products Liability Insurance

Any activity has the potential for something to go wrong, and when accidents happen, an organisation can be held liable. Regardless of the size of the business, public liability claims can be extremely costly, and even if the organisation isn’t at fault, it may still be required to pay compensation or legal costs associated with defending a claim.

The Public & Products Liability Insurance policy also provides cover in the case of bodily injury or property damage from faulty or defective products sold or supplied during business activities. For example, if a patron contracted food poisoning from an item bought from a Sub Branch stall during a fundraiser, the Product Liability protection may provide cover for the legal and compensation costs incurred by the Sub Branch.
The below table outlines the above policies:
Group Personal Accident Insurance Member / volunteer suffers personal injury Accidental death or injury Policy provides lump sum & weekly benefits for injuries that are not covered under:
  • Australian Medicare system
  • Private Health Insurance system
Includes sickness benefits up to 85% of salary Aggregate limit up to $2million
  • Cover is excluded for volunteers aged 90 years or more under the policy, but RSLQ has pledged to match the out of pocket medical expense component of the policy (only) for over 90-year olds at its discretion.
Claim must be made within 12 months of the injury
Public & Products Liability Insurance Third parties suffer:
  • Personal injury
  • Property loss or damage
That is caused or contributed to by RSLQ / District or Sub Branch
Third party suffers personal injury or loss or damage arising from the act or omission of RSLQ, District or Sub Branches. Examples include:
  • Commemoration ceremonies
Fundraising activities with the sale of food such as a BBQ
$20million $2,500  

Excluded Activities

The blanket insurance cover will be provided at no cost to eligible Sub Branches should they opt into the umbrella scheme. However, it is important to note that the Public Liability policy will not provide cover for Sub Branches that conduct:
  • full time commercial RSL Club activities,
  • maintain poker machines, or
  • operate with a liquor licence (other than a limited licence).
Nor will the Public Liability policy cover bodily injury or damage to property for third parties that hire Sub Branch facilities or conduct activities independent of Sub Branch control, as these activities have a higher risk exposure and require enhanced cover attracting a higher premium.
Sub Branches operating full time RSL clubs will need to make their own arrangements to ensure their insurance cover is adequate for their activities.

Bar Activities

RSL Queensland has sought clarification from our insurers regarding what particular business activities are and are not covered under the Public & Product Liability insurance, particularly with regard to Bar activities.

The insurer accepts that social Bar activities can be an integral part of Sub Branch activities, both for comradery and fundraising to support other Sub Branch activities, which is why some limited Bar activity is allowable under our insurance umbrella.

The insurer also agrees to the terms and conditions of the categories of Liquor licenses that generally exist in these circumstances (Community Club or Community Other liquor licences) and their respective conditions on premise use, provided the Sub Branch does not utilise:
  • paid wait staff for alcohol sales during opening hours,
  • paid entertainment, or
  • poker machines.
These activities are typically engaged by bars or clubs and are deemed by insurers to be the activities of a commercially licensed club.
In light of these considerations, the insurer has itemised the following detailed criteria:
  • Sub Branches operating Bar facilities under the terms of a “Community Club” liquor licence can trade 10.00 am until midnight, seven days per week, with alcohol sales for on premises consumption only plus takeaway sales.
  • Sub Branches operating Bar facilities under the terms of a “Community Other” liquor licence are limited to 25 hours trading in any one week between the hours of 10.00 am until midnight, with on premises consumption of alcohol only and no takeaway sales.
  • These limited licences are for the operation of the premises by the RSL Sub Branch where any income, profits and assets are used only to support and promote the League as a not-for-profit organisation.
The common themes are that the Sub Branch liquor licences and the Bar facilities are for the use of members and their guests only, operating with:
  • a limited liquor licence, including limited trading hours,
  • no gaming, pokies, dance floor operation and/or entertainment, and
  • utilising a volunteer workforce as opposed to full-time paid employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sub Branches are invited to read further by viewing the Frequently Asked Questions document in relation to the Personal Accident Insurance and Public & Products Liability Insurance policies.

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)