ANZAC & RSL Centenary Commemorative Fund

ANZAC & RSL Centenary Commemorative Fund

2015 marks 100 years since the ANZAC landings on the Gallipoli Peninsula, with the RSL being founded in 1916 by soldiers returning from the trenches of World War 1. The aim was simple - provide a helping hand for their mates.

In consultation with Districts and Sub Branches, the RSL (Queensland Branch) Board is seeking to ascertain how best to commemorate these centenaries at a local, District and State level.

Two million dollars has been set aside for the purpose of the 2015 ANZAC centenary and the 2016 RSL Queensland centenary celebrations, and we encourage Sub Branches and Districts to apply for funding for events to engage their local communities in commemorating these once-in-a-lifetime anniversaries.

The ANZAC and RSL Queensland Centenary Commemorative Fund is an excellent opportunity to showcase the works of the RSL in the wider Queensland community.

We encourage all members to get in touch with their Sub Branch to share their ideas and suggestions for ANZAC and RSL centenary celebrations in their community.

Submissions must be made to the ANZAC and RSL Queensland Centenary Commemorative Committee and include a full event plan. Successful applications will then be submitted to the Board for approval and funding under the ANZAC and RSL Queensland Centenary Commemorative Fund.

Submissions must address how the event meets the Terms of Reference, available here, and the following key criteria:

  • Relate to the centenary of Gallipoli/WWI OR RSL Queensland
  • Be directly or indirectly community-orientated
  • Promote, contribute and/or enhance RSL membership recruitment
  • Comply with and embrace the RSL objects.

Event plans must also:

  • Detail all venue requirements, tour schedules and bookings along with all itemised costs for each
  • Provide a detailed event budget for all activities planned, including staffing/consultant costs, permits, insurance, equipment, venue hire, travel, etc.
  • Complete a detailed risk assessment for the event/s.

The necessary tools to assist Sub Branches and Districts in preparing the submission are provided in the ANZAC and RSL Queensland Centenary Commemorative Event application form, which is available here