Question Responses

Question Responses

The following questions were submitted via the online question portal before 4:30pm on 28 May in advance of the 2018 RSL Queensland State Congress:


Has State a plan to provide professional support to small Sub Branches who haven’t the expertise to comply with statutory regulations and/or financial reporting along with any governance compliance. Any standardisation of reporting from the Sub Branches can only benefit all concerned.

Submitted by a member of Tewantin Noosa RSL Sub Branch.


State Branch wants Sub Branches to remain vibrant and active contributors to their local community, as well as meeting the taxation and governance compliance requirements placed on all Australian charities by the Commonwealth Government.
We have therefore taken pre-emptive steps to bolster our support to Sub Branches to help them meet these obligations
Audrey Dawson was appointed to the Corporate Service team as Sub Branch Compliance Services Manager in late April 2018. Audrey’s role is to ensure we have the resources and capability to support Districts and Sub Branches in relation to their Charitable Status, Governance and Financial viability. She is supported in turn by Yvonne, Surj and Jodie, who conduct the annual Charitable Status reviews.
The team is currently developing and rolling out a series of initiatives and additional support activities including:

  • Training and awareness programs and materials in Governance, Financial Basics and Charitable Activities
  • Opportunities to streamline and standardise Sub Branch compliance, reporting and conduct of committee meetings, AGMs, policies and processes, etc.
  • Providing standard formats to help improve Sub Branch record keeping
  • Support for Sub Branches requiring particular assistance e.g. financial viability assessments, winding up, converting to Chapters.

The Sub Branch Compliance Services team looks forward to helping the Districts and the Sub Branches attain a consistent level of understanding and awareness, and strengthen and implement good governance, compliance and financial management practices and processes.

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