Relocation, Posting & Deployment

Relocation, Posting & Deployment

When you choose to join the Defence Force, you know that you will lead a transient lifestyle and are likely to live in multiple locations throughout your career. Each time you relocate, you and your family need to forge new friendships, understand the services available in the local community, partners need to seek out job opportunities, and children start at new schools.

Deployment can pose a whole new set of challenges with a lone parent needing to take on all of the day-to-day care and decision making while facing the stress and worry of a partner being in harm’s way.

There are a number of organisations within Defence which can help you and your family through the relocation process and, behind the scenes, in most communities, you will also find RSL Sub Branches who are there to provide a helping hand, simple advice or a friendly ear.

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More Help? Here are more support options available to you.

Defence Community Organisation

Staffed by social workers, teachers, and Military Support Officers, DCO provides:

  • critical incident support for death or illness of ADF members;
  • short-term counselling and referrals for family and relationship issues;
  • crisis support
  • specialist relocation and posting support - preparing for and making moves, connecting with the community, advice on schools and support available to Defence children
  • deployment and managing absence support-how to assist children and families managing the Defence lifestyle, scheduling of support events
  • advice on DCO National Programs in relation to education assistance, child care, partner employment, community grants
  • support to units on base.
DCO provides a 24 hour emergency hotline for currently serving members and their family.

  1800 624 608 (24 hrs)

Defence Families Australia

An advisory body to the Minister for Defence and Chief of Defence on matters affecting Defence family. Specifically they assist family who are separated due to a spouse being posted to another location, spouse employment, and providing support to family when a member is deployed.

  1800 100 509