Timor Awakening

Timor Awakening

Timor Awakening is a renewal and rehabilitation program for veterans founded on solidarity, camaraderie and holistic care. With a long and significant military history between Australia and East Timor, the program aims to provide a rehabilitative avenue for veterans to experience the country post-civil war.

The 11-day tour includes four-wheel-driving through eight Districts, and the opportunity to see the communities that have been impacted by war, and subsequently had peace restored. Timorese veterans from the resistance and Timorese Army join the tour and share their stories to gain a deeper understanding of the people. But the program doesn’t end when the tour does.

Veterans who participate in the program are supported before, during and after the tour, with pastoral and psychological support provided by Veterans Care Association to prepare veterans ahead of the tour, while on the tour, and providing ongoing support when they return. While those who served in East Timor are likely to be the most interested in participating in Timor Awakening, the program is open to veterans of any era.

RSL Queensland is proud to be partnering with Veterans Care Association to make Timor Awakening possible. Veterans Care Association aims to empower veterans to support other veterans and their families by giving practical, direct support to wounded, injured and ill veterans. Acting as a hub, Veterans Care Association brings together traditional medical, complimentary and holistic practitioners, therapists, counsellors, chaplains and more to support the journey to good health and vitality.

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