RSL Raemus Rover

RSL Raemus Rover

Being exposed to the multiple facets of off-road racing and the support of the off-road racing fraternity, provides another potential avenue to support the rehabilitative process for current and former ADF personnel.

The RAEMUS Rover is a 1961 ex-Army Series 2 Landrover which, after a retirement of 22 years, has been restored and revitalised for off-road racing by a team of current and former Army personnel.

Initially restored as part of a training exercise, team members soon realised the value the vehicle could have in assisting their mates who have returned from deployment with physical and emotional injuries. Opportunities for involvement include:

  • Learning mechanical trade – as the vehicle is more than 50 years old, parts are not readily available. Participants in the RSL RAEMUS Rover program can learn practical mechanical skills as part of the ongoing maintenance of the vehicle
  • Pit crew at events – every time the RAEMUS Rover participates in events it requires a pit crew to undertake mechanical repairs and maintenance. Assisted by a qualified team, participants in the RSL RAEMUS Rover program have the opportunity to experience the adrenalin rush of patching up a vehicle ‘on the go’
  • Logistics – participation in off-road racing events requires liaison with event organisers, team coordination and a variety of administrative tasks
  • Vehicle navigator – participation in off-road racing requires both a driver and a navigator to ensure the vehicles complete the course. While driving is best left to the professionals, opportunities exist for participants in the RAEMUS Rover program to take the navigator’s seat and appreciate first-hand the thrill of racing
  • Mateship and camaraderie – being part of the RSL RAEMUS Rover program gives participants the ability to be part of a professional sport in a protective environment. As the program is delivered by people who have served, the therapeutic benefits of sharing experiences in an accepting environment have already been proven with those who have been involved with the vehicle.
The RSL Raemus Rover crossing Sexton Creek
The new RSL Raemus Rover Racing Team buggy
Working on the RSL Raemus Rover at race time

On Saturday, 11 April 2015, Channel Nine News (Queensland) featured a story on the RAEMUS team - watch it here.