Digger's Rest

Digger's Rest

 Digger’s Rest - ‘A Soldiers Retreat’ was established due to a recognised requirement to reconnect with contemporary veterans, and currently serving members in need. Located on 22 acres in the heart of the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Digger’s Rest - ‘A Soldiers Retreat’ was established by ex-serving ADF member, Nick Forster-Jones and his wife, Karen, to provide a means of support for other Defence members and their families living with military-induced stress or mental injuries.

Digger’s Rest - ‘A Soldiers Retreat’ identifies that in the wake of Australia’s longest of military conflicts in Afghanistan and ongoing military operations in the wider middle-east, Australia is witnessing an increase in veterans struggling to cope with the challenges of their military career post-deployment or challenges faced through transitioning.

Their immediate focus is to create a welcoming, relaxed environment on Quails Ridge Farm providing recreational activities for any veteran (all ages welcome) and their family who feels the need to reset their minds and reconnect. Although currently self-catering accommodation is limited, Diggers Rest encourages any veterans, who are willing to camp for short periods, to stay on their property.

Digger’s Rest - ‘A Soldiers Retreat’ has welcomed over 200 veterans and family members on Quails Ridge Farm, free of charge. Veterans and their families can partake in either the recreational activities that enhance bonding between the family unit, or activities created for veterans, encouraging them to connect with other military personnel and understand they are not alone in the struggles they are facing.

It is through the harmonious environment created at the farm that Diggers Rest has received ongoing support from the veteran community in their drive to build further cabins on the property. These cabins are being built by veterans for veterans who may need emergency accommodation or respite, a safe place to stay and feel welcomed and understood.


RSL Queensland is proud to be partnering with Digger's Rest and you can find out more about Digger’s Rest - ‘A Soldiers Retreat’ via their website.