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The pawfect office environment

Matilda Dray 05 January 2021

Every dog has its day at RSL Queensland.

If a dog-friendly office is high on your list of workplace wants, RSL Queensland might be the employer for you! We welcome pups with open arms at ANZAC House – something our staff say is one of the many reasons they love coming in to work.

Cotton the corgi dressed up for a day at the office.

RSL Queensland CEO Melanie Wilson is a strong supporter of the pooch policy and leads (get it?) by example.

“What a bonus to be able to bring your furry friend to work – I certainly do! I have a 16-year-old staffie who accompanies me most days to the office,” Melanie says.

“There's a lot of research out there that talks about the benefits of animals in the workplace, and RSL Queensland certainly has embraced that, and is one of the more progressive organisations in Australia, in terms of understanding the benefits from an employee engagement perspective.”

Matilda with Penny the toy cavoodle.

Studies have shown that pups lower stress and foster increased communication among staff, improving the office culture and creating a more unified workforce.

“We often see dogs of all shapes and sizes coming around for catch-ups and pets. It’s a really lovely dynamic to add to the office,” Melanie says.

Kiba and Mochi the English staffy cross kelpies are very well behaved when they visit the office.


Whether you’re a fan of big or little dogs, you’re sure to find a furry friend to pat most days of the week.

If you don’t believe that our staff are dedicated dog lovers, just check out our list of regular office pals!

We love Cotton the corgi, Montana the staffy, Penny the toy cavoodle, , Pippa the Cavalier King Charles, Bella the kelpie, Zac the border collie, Bosley the Frenchie, Dolly the Japanese spitz, Kiba and Mochi the English staffy cross kelpies, Gaffy the maltese cross mini poodle, Max, Elkie and Rosie the miniature schnauzers, and Spooky and Sarge the golden retrievers.

Andrew and his Cavalier King Charles spaniel Pippa are regulars at ANZAC House.

Graphic designer Sarah Pattison has been bringing her spoodle Godfrey into the office since he was a tiny 3kg ball of fluff. He is now a hefty 13kg ball of fluff!

Godfrey the spoodle taking a nap on the job!

“Godfrey is always on his best behaviour. I think our policy is fantastic and is certainly a perk of working for RSL,” Sarah says.

“I've also met a lot more people who I otherwise wouldn't have had a reason to talk to because either I've had a dog, or they did.”

Compensation Advocate Sharon James enjoys a snuggle with Montana the staffy.

A self-confessed dog fanatic, Compensation Advocate Sharon James believes the love staff show for dogs reflects the care they have for the Defence community.

“The culture at the RSL is very dog friendly, which for me is amazing,” Sharon says.

“It's a really kind place to work, everyone is very compassionate, and their focus is on veterans. So that is really important.”

Carolyn with Dolly the Japanese spitz.


With so many doggos coming into the office, it’s important to have an official policy so staff understand their responsibilities. We have a group on Workplace (essentially Facebook for the office) called Fur-Kids of RSL, with 140 members who love to chat about anything pup related.

The day before a dog visits the office, the owner is asked to post a picture on Workplace to let the team know where he/she will be located. For health and hygiene reasons, they aren’t allowed in kitchen areas, and must stay off office furniture.

Alana and her ball of floof Gaffy the maltese cross mini poodle.

Pups should be on a lead or restricted to their owner’s work area. And because we understand that pooches aren’t always pawfect and can have the occasional accident, our lovely Assets Management team have put together a 'Puppy Clean Up Kit' to help take care of any spills.

So, if you have a fluffy friend that you think would do zoomies at the thought of being allowed to join you at work, check out some of the great job opportunities we have available.

We can't wait to pat your pup!

Job opportunities at RSL Queensland

Always happy for pats and treats: Bella the kelpie and Zac the border collie.

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