Veteran homelessness report provides direction

Veteran homelessness report provides direction

A discussion point of interest at the recent RSL (Queensland Branch) AGM was a report into veteran homelessness, commissioned by RSL (Queensland Branch) and released at the AGM.

‘A Place to Call Home’ details a study into and discussion around the causes of homelessness amongst the veteran community in Australia, and makes recommendations for a strategy which can be adopted by the RSL in Queensland to improve the effects of veteran homelessness.

Veteran homelessness, whilst different in some of its specific causes, is essentially a sub-set of general homelessness. The general causes of homelessness apply equally to the veteran and broader communities, however the specific factors affecting homelessness among veterans are different. This is largely due to the nature of their service and their experiences.

Considered of greater importance than the causes of veteran homelessness is the obligation of the community generally to see that our veterans receive adequate, proper, and respectful care in line with their service to our nation. Within the ex-services community there is a broad obligation to extend assistance to homeless veterans in line with the objects of the RSL and other ESOs, and in line with our general duties to our former comrades.

This report provides a starting point for discussion on the issue, and RSL (Queensland Branch) is continuing to work with the authors on refining and implementing the recommendations. We invite you to review the full report (PDF).