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Organisation Directory

Ex-Service Organisation Directory

The following is a listing of Ex-Service Organisations within Queensland that exist to assist current and ex-serving ADF personnel and their families. Find more information on how RSL Queensland can help you here.

Australian Special Air Service Association

Australian Special Air Service Association (ASASA) is the regimental association of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR). It is a legally constituted and incorporated "not for profit" organisation and is a recognised ex-service organisation with the Australian Government, the Australian Defence Force and with the Department of Veterans' Affairs. It is an Australia-wide association with Branches in each State (except for Tasmania), and a Branch in the Australian Capital Territory.

The aims of the Association can be summarised as:

  • to provide assistance to past and present members of the SASR;
  • to perpetuate the close bonds of friendship and "esprit de corps" that exists amongst those who served in SASR;
  • to provide support to SASR and preserve its good name and reputation.

  0419 670 853

Australian War Widows (Queensland)

Established in 1947, Australian War Widows (Queensland) Inc. (AWWQ) protects the interests of war widows and provides friendship, understanding and community support services to its members across Queensland. Membership is open to the Department of Veterans' Affairs designated war widows and associate membership for wider community who support AWWQ.

  07 3846 7706

Bravery Trust

Formerly the ADF Assistance Trust, Bravery Trust assists current and former ADF members and their families who are suffering illness or injury. Financial support is provided for basic living expenses, medical assistance, education, financial counselling, purchase of essential household items and more.

  1300 652 103

Combat Support Association

Combat Support Association provides:
Transition: Individual advice and sources service for the development of individual Transition Plans.
Representation: Represents on Veterans Issues as part of a networked Ex Service Organisation.
Welfare: Sources veteran and community services to support individual, family or unit welfare needs

For more information please email president@combatsupportassociation.org.au


Currumbin Clinic

Currumbin Clinic provides inpatient and day patient treatment for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and addictive disorders including alcohol or drug misuse. Specific programs for veterans include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Mood and Anxiety and the associated problems of PTSD such as Effective Communication and Mastering Anger.
Set in a private bush surrounds close to Currumbin Beach, Currumbin Clinic is the leading provider of mental health treatment on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas with over 20 years experience.

  1800 119 118

Defence Community Organisation

Staffed by social workers, teachers, and Military Support Officers, DCO provides:

  • critical incident support for death or illness of ADF members;
  • short-term counselling and referrals for family and relationship issues;
  • crisis support
  • specialist relocation and posting support - preparing for and making moves, connecting with the community, advice on schools and support available to Defence children
  • deployment and managing absence support-how to assist children and families managing the Defence lifestyle, scheduling of support events
  • advice on DCO National Programs in relation to education assistance, child care, partner employment, community grants
  • support to units on base.
DCO provides a 24 hour emergency hotline for currently serving members and their family.

  1800 624 608 (24 hrs)

Defence Community Organisation (DCO) Transitions

Defence provides a range of support services to assist ADF members planning to leave Defence to make the transition to civilian life as smooth and successful as possible. ADF Transition Centres are located across Australia and provide transition support services to ADF members, their families, units and local Command. Support services include practical information seminars that are held nationally, throughout the year; personalised assistance to prepare for transition; referrals to other service providers as appropriate; help with administration; and support for training and civilian employment.

  1800 624 608 (24 hrs)

Defence Families Australia

An advisory body to the Minister for Defence and Chief of Defence on matters affecting Defence family. Specifically they assist family who are separated due to a spouse being posted to another location, spouse employment, and providing support to family when a member is deployed.

  1800 100 509

Defence Force Welfare Association

Principal roles are to:

  • Advocating improved ‘pay and conditions of service’ for serving ADF members and their families;
  • Campaigning for fair and equitable treatment, and for fair retirement benefits for all ADF and former ADF members;
  • Providing Advocacy Services for serving/retired members who have a claim for superannuation, compensation and veterans’ entitlement matters.

  07 3233 4480 (answering machine)

Defence Special Needs Support Group Inc

Specialises in providing services and programs for families of both currently serving and ex-serving members of the ADF with a dependant who has  special needs. Special needs is inclusive of medical such as chronic illness, physical disability and intellectual disability and DSNSG can provide support through avenues such as access to grants and financial assistance for specialised equipment. DSNSG also offers educational and information support, emergency care plans and family networking.

  1800 037 674

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Services include pensions and compensation, health care, rehabilitation, counselling services, transition support, home care assistance, and subsidised housing loans.

  133 254

Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) ‘At Ease’ website

At Ease assists veterans, ADF personnel, and family members to identify the symptoms of not coping after deployment. At Ease provides tips, treatment options and resources on challenges including loneliness, relationship issues, violence, anger and depression. It also has clinical resources for health professionals who may be treating members of the veteran and Defence community.



Diggers Rest - A Soldiers Retreat

Located on 22 acres of bushland in Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. With free of charge accommodation in a fully self-contained cabin, Diggers Rest provides respite for body, mind and soul for Defence personnel, past and present, and their family. Children are welcome and can participate in all aspects of farm life – collecting eggs, feeding calves, grooming horses. Camping facilities are also available. Service Dogs welcome.

  0488 280 884

Hader Clinic Queensland

Hader Clinic Queensland is a private drug and alcohol rehabilitation program specialising in residential rehabilitation programs of 30, 60 and 90 days. 
HCQ focuses on treatment programs to meet the social, psychological and emotional needs of military veterans through specific cognitive based therapies that treat the following:

  • Extensive Alcohol and Substance Abuse
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety (General Anxiety Disorder, Adjustment Disorder, Panic Disorder, OCD)
  • Depression
  • Associated mental health 
Hader Clinic Queensland offer many programs including:
  • 30, 60 and or 90 day residential rehabilitation
  • Transitional Housing Program (12 weeks)
  • After Care Program, Intensive and Standard Outpatient Programs (on completion of 90 day residential program)
Our residential rehabilitation facility is located on the Sunshine Coast and our transitional housing program and head office is in Brisbane.
Hader Clinic Queensland is accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards

  1300 856 847

Kookaburra Kids

Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation Program for Serving and Ex-Serving ADF Families supports children who have a parent with a mental illness as a result of military service. The camp and activity day program is available to children aged 8- 18yrs at no cost to families who are accepted into our program. Camps are held over a weekend, providing kids with amazing experiences. Activity days are held regularly during throughout the year, providing an opportunity for children to catch up and have fun.

Click here to register to the program. 


Legacy Brisbane

Provides a range of support services to the families of veterans who have given their life or their health in service to the Australian Defence force. Legacy’s traditional services are to the families of deceased veterans- supporting widows and their children to move forward with their lives despite the loss of their loved one. Legacy’s family support program provides services for families with an ex-service veteran who has sustained a wound, illness or injury (most commonly PTS) as a result of their service. This program empowers families to re-establish resilience, structure and stability in the face of many challenges. Services include: emotional support and guidance, practical and financial assistance and service coordination, information and referral.

  07 3029 5600

Mater Wellness Centre (MWC)

Since 2001, the Dr Alana Bowen and the MWC team have been delivering effective programs for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Partner attendance is encouraged for this program as we are aware of the impact that trauma exposure has on the family.  Our program has assisted people with PTSD to reclaim their lives, create greater control over their lifestyle, and improve their overall quality of life.  The program is conducted in a group format (of 5 to 8 participants) and is run by experienced psychologists and social workers. In order to attend a PTSD program at the Mater Wellness Centre, a referral is required from a Medical Officer (if the individual is currently serving) or from a Psychiatrist, GP or other allied health professional (if the individual is ex-serving).  We also can assist individuals with work-related PTSD and an Active WorkCover Claim for this condition.

  07 4727 4187


Supports current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members and their immediate families, who have suffered physical or psychological wounds, injuries or illnesses as a result of their service. In a family friendly environment, Mates4Mates provides a range of Psychological Services; Physical Rehabilitation & Wellbeing Services; Employment & Education Support Services; Rehabilitative Adventure Challenges; and Social Connection Activities.

Mates4Mates is an initiative of RSL Queensland.

  1300 4 MATES (62837)


National Servicemen's Association is all about recognising the significant contribution that National Servicemen have made in defence of our great country.

Our main aim is to ensure community awareness of the sacrifices made by National Servicemen in the service of their country, is cemented in the minds of the community now and into the future. We also aim to look after the welfare and wellbeing of all National Servicemen. 

  07 3224 1277

Naval Association of Australia

Aims to provide representation to government on veterans issues, advisory and counselling services, and crisis support and assistance.

  0409 623 239

Operation PTSD Support

An online and face to face support network for partners, parents and children  of veterans that are caring for a veteran with mental health issues. We offer a very active online support network across Australia and internationally, as well as regular social inclusion events around Australia and Weekend Retreats Bi-annually. Free Mental Health First Aid Courses are also available to assist the caring role.

  0430 166 070

Partners of Veterans Association of Australia

A Nationwide support network for partners of past and present members of the Australian Defence Forces offering support, friendship, information and understanding.

  1300 553 835

RAAF Association Queensland

The association aims to foster friendship based on sharing Air Force and aviation experience. To achieve this aim it provides social activities, welfare, support of commemorative events and advice on aviation history. It also provides for the welfare of members through advice, liaison and representation.

  07 5428 7305

RAR Association

Supports past and present infantry servicemen who have served in or are currently serving in an Infantry Battalion of the Regiment through social activities, promoting the health and welfare of members and a 'care watch' program to watch over sick members or their family members.  RAR also have Welfare Support Officers who are knowledgeable of legislation and connect members with relevant ESOs to help them.
supports past and present infantry servicemen who have served in or are currently serving in an Infantry Battalion of the Regiment through social activities, promoting the health and welfare of members and a 'care watch' program to watch over sick members or their family members.  RAR also have Welfare Support Officers who are knowledgeable of legislation and connect members with relevant ESOs to help them.

  07 3332 5371

Red Shield Defence Services

Part of the Salvation Army, RSDS’ “Sallymen” work on base and during deployments to provide non-Defence associated support to address morale, wellbeing, health and spirituality needs. Programs delivered by RSDS include Suicide Prevention and Bereavement Assistance, Family and Personal Support and Professional Youth Support.

  0407 830 488

RSL RAEMUS Rover Off Road Racing Team

The RSL RAEMUS Rover Off-Road Race team is a veteran team focused on using the benefits of motorsport as a means of rehabilitation, reintegration and fighting social isolation. Based on a 1961 ex-Army Series 2 Landrover which was raced by the Army in the 1970’s, it has been restored and revitalised for off-road racing by a team of current and former defence personnel. The team works to assist those who have returned from deployment with physical and emotional injuries. Opportunities for involvement include learning a mechanical trade, pit crew at events, team logistics, race driver/navigator, mateship and camaraderie.

  0401 393 184

Soldier On

Assists veterans who are dealing with issues of isolation, poor mental health, drug and alcohol dependency, unemployment and homelessness. Core programs include reintegration services, group counselling, yoga and physical training, confidence building programs and return to work activities.

  07 5525 0798

St George's Defence Holiday Suites

The Service Personnel Anglican Help Society Inc is a charitable organisation that provides holiday accommodation, for Service and Ex-Service personnel and dependent children at Rainbow Bay, Coolangatta, Queensland via the St Georges Defence Holiday Suites, situated within The Garland building. With northerly views over the water, easy access to a number of surf breaks, safe swimming beaches, the Tweed River, restaurants, clubs and shopping areas of Coolangatta /Tweed Heads it makes for an ideal beach front holiday.

  07 5536 1261

Stand Tall for PTS

Stand Tall for PTS is a not for profit entity set up to create more public awareness for PTS, to help reduce the Stigma associated with PTS and to lobby governments and authorities to try to do more.

  0419 771 736

Survive to Thrive Program

This online training program was developed by a former serviceman from first-hand military experience of learning to survive and thrive with PTSD, anxiety, depression and transitioning from military to civilian life. It is suitable for current or former military members and their partners and helps participants understand common mental health conditions arising from military service and training and how they impact behaviour. The program aims to provide skills to build emotional resilience to overcome adversity. It also explains what to expect in civilian life and how to handle issues before serious problems occur.

  07 3863 4086

Toowong Private Hospital

For a number of years now Dr Khoo and the TPH team have been running programs for Trauma Recovery (PTSD), Alcohol Abuse / Dependence, CBT Depression /  Anxiety and Anger for Veterans and ADF personnel. Our Trauma recovery program also includes a partners component. Often trauma has a negative impact on the family and it is therefore important that partners have input into recovery. In the past 10 years our courses have assisted over 700 veterans and ADF personnel from around QLD and NSW to not only improve their quality of life but also gain a sense of control over their lives. In order to attend a program at Toowong Private Hospital a medical referral is required either from a Psychiatrist or General Practitioner.

  07 3721 8055

TPI Federation

Provides members with welfare support and ensures member concessions are not depleted.

  07 3040 3330

Trojan’s Trek

Facilitated by Vietnam veterans who have ‘been there’, made choices, and changed their lives. Trojan’s Trek is a peer-to-peer rehabilitative program which aims to act as a circuit breaker for those who are struggling to cope with life outside of the military. In a six day journey, participants go “out bush” where they take stock of their lives and learn the tools and techniques to adjust their behaviours and thinking, relate to other people without anger or aggression, and build self-esteem, and plant the seed for positive change.

  0498 593 927

Veterans and Veterans Family Counselling Service (VVCS)

VVCS provides free and confidential, nationwide counselling and support - including group programs - for war and service-related mental health conditions, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression and anger. VVCS counsellors have an understanding of military culture and can work with clients to find effective solutions for improved mental health and wellbeing.

  1800 011 046 (24hrs)

Veterans Care

Provides pastoral care, education in holistic health and wellbeing services to assist in the transition to civilian life.

  0403 270 515

Veterans' Support Group QLD

Veteran and Military Compensation law is complex. If you are a past or present member of the ADF, and have been wounded, suffered an injury or illness, and or are experiencing difficulty dealing with your claim on your own  through DVA, HELP is freely available. Our specialist advocates will ensure you receive professional assistance and advice.

Veterans Support Group, founded by the Vietnam Veterans Federation Qld Branch, offers a full suite of services at 18 Leagues club Drive Nerang each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 0900 and 1500. Appointments preferred.

  07 5578 2233

Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia

Provides advocacy, pension and welfare support to Defence and Ex-Defence Personnel along with camaraderie and events. VVAA Qld also provides two emergency accommodation facilities: Remembrance House (Burpengary) and Zac’s Place (Townsville).


Wandering Warriors

A strategic fundraising organisation of volunteers that exists to provide care, support and opportunities for our veterans and their families. As well as raising funds for smaller ex-service charities, we offer mentoring and education placements to selected veterans.

  0427 216 281

Whiskey’s Wish

Provides training of and fully trained service dogs to assist former servicemen and women, first responders and emergency personnel with mobility assistance, such as opening and closing doors, providing stability while walking, and picking up and retrieving items; as well as emotional support such as providing a buffer in public spaces and calming panic attacks and nightmares.

  0428 368 390

Women Veterans Network Australia

Women Veterans Network Australia is a network helping women veterans connect with each other to share information and access services via social media and in local groups. WVNA supports all organisations that help veterans and works with them to establish peer support networks focused on the specific health and well-being needs of women veterans to ease transition, isolation and assist with readjustment problems.  WVNA is inclusive of all ranks who are currently serving or have served in the Navy, Army or Air Force, either in a full time or Reserve capacity, regardless of whether they have been deployed or not.

  0408 020 394

Young Diggers

Young Diggers provides a variety of support services and programs to help serving and ex-serving personnel of the Australian Defence Force, their dependents and direct family members. Our key programs are The Young Diggers Dog Squad and Drive for Diggers.

  0408 196 218