Brave Faces

Their Stories

War widow Debbie with her three children in lounge room. Debbie sought help from RSL Queensland to assist her with her DVA claims.

Debbie's Story

Assistance with Entitlements

Although her husband passed away from a service related illness Debbie was unaware she was entitled to a widow's pension.

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RSL Queensland helped Veteran Frank and his wife with accommodation and transport assistance during chemotherapy treatment.

Frank's Story

Assistance with Accomodation

Having relocated from Malaysia due to his illness, Frank started chemotherapy in Brisbane and was in need of temporary accommodation during his treatment.

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RSL Queensland Veteran Services stayed in touch with Ron during his cancer treatment to help with his DVA entitlements.

Ron's Story


Diagnosed with prostate cancer, Ron knew he would have a difficult road ahead. RSL was there to help get his entitlements.

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RSL Queensland assisted Sandy during her grieving for her son who lost his life while on deployment in Afghanistan.

Sandy's Story

Supporting Families of the Fallen

One of life's greatest tragedies is for a parent to outlive their child. Sandy is one of 41 parents who lost their sons in Afghanistan.

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