Angus House

Angus House

Contact Details
 53-55 Bayliss Street
 Toowong  Queensland 4066
(07) 3870 8743
 8:30 AM-4:30 PM (Mon-Fri)
 (07) 3217 7498

Angus House may be accessed for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. For people undergoing medical treatment or counselling in Brisbane who require accommodation for themselves or their partner/dependents.
  2. To convalesce after medical treatment. Our residents include people who have undergone both physical and mental health treatment, who require some ‘time out’ before returning to the routine and pressures of daily life. Partners often join our residents during this recovery period.


Angus House is a spacious facility with 18 beds on offer for those requiring short-term accommodation.  

Residential Costs

Residents are asked to contribute $20 per day which includes accommodation and all meals. 


Close to hospitals and other amenities, Angus House is a communal accommodation space which offers the following facilities:

  • Comfortable private rooms – comprising both single and double rooms, with built-in robes and individual security.
  • Communal kitchen and dining areas – evening meals are prepared for residents, and they have access to breakfast and lunch supplies during the day. Residents may choose whether to join the group in the dining room or arrange their own meals on an evening.
  • Common recreational areas – indoor and outdoor living areas with lounges, televisions, web-enabled computers and BBQ facilities.

House Rules

House rules are rules about the use, enjoyment, control and management of the premises. We ask residents to not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of other residents. Alcohol or illegal drugs are not permitted at Angus House. The Supervisor will explain the house rules to you when you call to make a reservation, or when you arrive.